Monday, July 19, 2010

2nd Annual Huber Cousins Retreat

So this weekend we made the trek out to Fort Wayne for the 2nd annual Huber Cousins lake weekend retreat. We all pile into a lake house(kids and all) and spend the weekend talking, playing games, TONS of eating, boating/jet skiing and just all around having a great time. It's a tradition that I hope we keep up for a long time.

Every family is responsible for a meal throughout the weekend and we all bring snacks(and we had LOTS of them) and then we pretty much see how quickly we can consume every ounce of food in the place till we leave Sunday. :-)

This year was fun for me as well because it was this lake weekend last year that I had just first started talking to Brian. I ended up meeting him that Sunday when we got back from the lake, so it was neat to have him there with me this year. Amazing how much can change in a year!

He is a lot of things but two things he is not fond of are lots of events on his calendar and not getting enough sleep! :-) Needless to say I was pushing the envelope with both this weekend! haha

I couldn't help but grab my camera quick with these two cuties checking out who else should come and join them to play outside! If Brian wasn't up before this, he was definitely up after they started banging on the window at him! haha

The boat was broken so we rent jet skis from Crocodile Dundee. He gave us a deal because we looked like nice people and didn't have any tramp stamps as he put it! These three were so excited to ride that they couldn't even wait till he put them into the water! :-)

I talked him into going by promising to let him see a tractor in Winnamac on the way home! haha

This set up didn't last long. I hate not being in control especially in motorized vehicles. He spent most of the afternoon hanging on to me! :-)

Don't judge my thighs in this picture. It's bad lighting and I'm sitting. I know I need to go to the gym more! haha

Brian came to Will and Tami's rescue when their jet ski overheated. When he saw that Tami had jumped ship to pull weeds out of the bottom and Will left to fend for himself, he thought he better step in and help! JK

Will looks totally tense here but I think it's just the angle or maybe it's that bulky life vest that doesn't seem to let him move his arms or neck! haha These two were so cute all weekend! They are best buds for sure!

Faye was pushing them on the hammock. She's the most advanced 2 year old I've seen in a while. She has the vocabulary of a 4 year old. She was using words like delicious and tasty all in her cute little high pitched voice and adorable pig tails.

We played Quelf. It is not one of my favorite games so I chose to watch which is far more entertaining. Rebekah had to make scuba gear out of something around us. I helped with the sunglasses. Looks pretty authentic if you ask me! :-)

Shar had to act like her phone wasn't working and everyone was supposed to guess what she was doing. Instead we all just sat there and watched her bang her hand on the table over and over saying she couldn't hear Jaret. Whoops!

Heidi had to bang a spoon against the bowl on her head and say some random phrase. This was funny, but I believe I enjoyed even more when Heidi and Rach had to act like siamese twins and then impersonate a boomerang together!
Overall we had a great weekend! Never a dull moment with this group! Between Tami's story that made us all want to shiver and Jarod's crazy high school memories, we laughed and cried and made a lot of great memories. I was really glad that Brian got to be there and be a part of this family that is so special to me! Can't wait till next year! I think were going to need two lake houses! :-)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We Made it a WHOLE Year! :-)

June 28th was our "anniversary" date. Hard to believe that it's been a whole year since we met. Unfortunately, our anniversary was spent with me in California working late and him working on a huge project at work, so we weren't even together, but he's coming to California for Labor Day so I figure we'll celebrate then. I did buy us some beach cruisers(bicycles) for my parent's house. We love renting bikes and riding along the beach, so I thought it would be a fun gift for when we visit California. He was REAL excited about a gift he can use twice a year! haha

There are many reasons why I love this man, but here are just a few: he's funny and he doesn't even realize it sometimes. He's pretty reserved most of the time but he comes up with some funny phrases that we laugh about still months later. He balances me out. I'm a little high strung. Ok a lot high strung! haha He never gets upset about anything. That keeps the fighting to a minimum. :-) He's practical. I'm not exactly a saver. I'm more of a spender, but I'm sure that doesn't surprise anyone! haha He's very good with budgets and expenses and keeps me on track. Sometimes a little too much! haha

Overall, he's brought a lot of joy to my life over the last year and I'm looking forward to seeing where the next year takes us!