Sunday, October 19, 2008

ISU Homecoming

So we tailgated for ISU Homecoming yesterday. We had a lot of fun. We had awesome weather. Half the day you couldn't figure out if you wanted to put on a coat or shed a layer, put on sunglasses or take them off, but it really was nice football weather. We then headed out to see Hairbangers Ball, our favorite 80's band. It was a little crowded and I think we realized that it's not quite as fun as it used to be, but we enjoyed the music nonetheless.
We tailgated with Lindsey's friends who are all married. She said it looked more like a playpen than a tailgate since they all brought their babies!

We realized we don't have any pictures of us with a water tower!

You can't tell in this photo, but the black light made white fuzzies show up all over Denise's clothes. It bugged her all night! :-)

We apparently annoyed the people behind us with the first photo!

It took a few tries. We were tired!

My hair is now eating my face!
I look sweaty and Keith looks fried from the game!

So this was supposed to be a picture with the band behind us. As you can see, Keith barely got our heads in the picture, let alone the band!

So we had to take one of just the band.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

So I've been tagged by Sandra. Guess that means I have to think of 7 things you wouldn't know about me. Not sure how many of these are new to people, but we'll see!

1. I'm a total procrastinator but when I finally get around to it, which is usually the last minute, I will accomplish more in an hour than most people in a week. As Denise used to call it, I go into speedy gonzalez mode!

2. I spend almost everyday, all day long in my room these days. It's the only place I can work without being distracted and be able to shut my door. Sad part is, I'm usually in my pajamas till about 4pm.

3. I get bored with my hair all the time. When it's short, I want it long and when it's long I want it short. I even think about how I will wear my hair when I'm old. What is a "stylish" hairdo when you're 85 without looking like you're trying to be too young? :-)

4. I've always wanted horses since I was little. Still don't own one but maybe someday!

5. I don't have absolute favorites of anything. It's hard for me to do those email forwards where you have to choose favorite colors, foods, etc. Mine change all the time. I would never be able to narrow it down to one.

6. I am not the type of person that gets super excited like yelling and screaming about anything. Whether it's a new job, birthday gifts, etc. I never get overly excited. I may think the gift is awesome, but it's just not my style to get all hoopin' and hollerin'. However, on the flip side, a commercial could make me cry if it catches me on the right day! Weird, I know!

7. I used to always think I wanted to skydive. Now that I'm older I'm more worried about dying! Plus it always looks like they are dropping slowly, but they're not. You are dropping at a really fast rate! :-)

What I've been up to these last few weeks!

So I know only Tami probably wonders where I've been on this blog for the last couple of weeks, but just in case anyone else wants to know why I haven't posted, here's where I've been:
So Inoues and I had a sleepover a couple weeks ago. Sadly enough I didn't take hardly any pictures. Clearly this wasn't quite the candid I was hoping for.
That's a little more like it. Tami and Heidi making cheese fondue. We now know that Heineken DOES NOT taste good in cheese fondue! It looks like Heidi is covered in flour but i'm pretty sure this is just the glare.

Our spa set up. It was a must that we had like 20 colors for five of us!

It was Beks and Heidi's first Guitar Hero experience! It started out a little rough but they quickly got the hang of it!

Mom and Holly at Stack. My mom had a little trouble finding her way around Vegas. She wanted me to call the Wynn for directions when we could see the hotel in front of us! :-)

This was shortly after I tore up my feet walking around trying to get to the monorail. I had to have my mom drop me off at the front door of the hotel so I had less to walk! I've never been in so much pain!

The restaurant was called Stack and it was described as canyon-like, however we weren't sure where the canyon-like feel was coming from!

I know you're all jealous that you didn't spend your ENTIRE birthday sitting in this booth!

My birthday tequila shot

She looks mad, but she was actually very happy because of the margarita and the shot in front of her!

See! She was happy! This is my co-worker and my previous manager from AFC.

I got to spend my birthday with my dad. That doesn't happen very often so it was very fun!

Susan and I were roomies all week! She cracks me up! When she "unpacks", she unpacks EVERYTHING! She actually uses the drawers at the hotel, and had her makeup all set out and lined up. I thought I had walked into a MAC store! :-)

This is the infamous Greg that I always talk about. He is one of my dad's best friends. He is my boss and I've known him since I was like 14. He used to stay at our house all the time and taught me how to play ping pong. Whit and Kate were sure he was demon possessed with all the magic tricks he showed them! :-)

My dad looks like he's about to fall over but he was just taking a step back. Brandon is my dad's other friend. He's the one that started the spank the Hubie dance. If all my dad's friends outdrive him on the golf course, Brandon made up this dance while he sings, spank, spank, spank the Hubie! I guess it's a guy thing!

Reality Bites, that's the name of the restaurant not what I think about life! Well maybe sometimes! :-) Holly, Ash and Denise took me out for my birthday.

I'm finally back to my original hair color if you didn't notice! :-)