Friday, September 26, 2008

Update on the Gym

Just thought I'd let everyone know that I talked Whit into getting a pass to the gym. Guess it wasn't that hard, since I offered to pay her monthly fee. Pretty bad when I have to bribe my sister to join the gym, so I can have someone to go with me! :-) Anyway, I'm getting off point!

If you remember, Four Seasons has this queer rule, you know the Monday-Sunday rule? If you join any day of the week, you have to wait until the following Tuesday to work out? Well here's the twist.........


If that isn't a crock, I don't know what else is! I signed Whit up and she was like when would you like to activate this membership? Activate? You mean I have a choice? I thought it wouldn't be till next Wednesday. Oh, well that's true most of the time, but for State Farm employees, there is no waiting period! Of course there isn't! What is it with that place running this entire town?! :-)

Slumber Party!

So tonight, the Inoues and I are reverting back to our childhood! We are having a slumber party similar to the ones we used to have when we were kids. I know the picture above shows a pillow fight, but I can assure you contrary to popular belief, I have not nor will I probably ever have a pillow fight in my underwear! So don't get too excited about seeing pictures posted after this weekend is over! :-)

Our menu has become a little more upscale. Instead of our typical frozen pizza or I believe it was Dominos back then, we will be having cheese fondue, bacon wrapped lil' smokies, a salad with sugared almonds and craisins, and some veggies and dip! I know, not quite slumber party food, but there will be plenty of junk food all evening, so we wanted to pace ourselves with dinner!

Rebekah has been trying to track down a video we watched at my 5th birthday party called Too Smart for Strangers. I can't remember exactly why we liked it so well besides Winnie the Pooh and Tigger that were in costume and a song that went a little something like this:

Too smart for strangers
That's me Winnie the Pooh
I'm a bear, who takes of everyone
and so should you......
Be too smart for strangers

I'm sure it has more to it than that, but I was like 7 the last time I saw it, cut me some slack! Rebekah claims it had an impact on her to not be so nice to strangers. I unfortuately can not say that it had quite as much effect on me! :-)

So hopefully our evening of pedicures, eating, guitar hero/Wii, old videos and lots of chatting will create some great photo opportunities!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Kiddos in my Life!

Ok Tami. I lied. I guess I had a few pictures that I hadn't posted! So here you go! :-) I got to babysit for Matt and Rebekah's kids the other night. It was supposed to be Will as well, but Heidi bailed on me and had ANOTHER babysitter for Will! Sad! :-)

This is Josh playing Mario Kart. He just uses me for my Nintendo! :-) Darci thought she was playing too, but her controller wasn't plugged in! Shhh!

She really does like that chiar even though her expression may say otherwise! :-)

Ode to the days when you were small enough to fit underneath the coffee table! Unfortunately for Ty, it has already since past!

He couldn't figure how to get out. With a glass top, we could see him struggling from all angles. Before I helped him out, I had to get a picture!

I Want to Join the Gym!

Have you ever seen the episode of Friends where Chandler is trying to quit the gym? Well I felt like him but the opposite. I want to join the gym! If you haven't seen the episode, I will fill you in. He joins the gym and never goes, so they just keep taking the monthly fee out of his account. He tried to quit but they bring in this cute girl to try to convince him to stay with the gym. Ross thinks he's absolutely ridiculous for not being strong enough to quit the gym and paying for something he isn't using, so Ross goes with him for moral support. Well the cute girl gets to Ross and he joins the gym as well. They decide they'll be smart and just cancel their checking accounts at the bank that the monthly fee comes out of, but you guessed it! The woman you have to cancel your account with at the bank is cute too!

So all that to tell you that I finally joined the gym! But not after many hurdles. First of all, I joined 4 Seasons last summer when I was in between houses thinking I would have a place to work out for a couple months. When you join 4 Seasons, they have to process your paperwork and I had to come back a week later to get my card with my picture printed on it. You can imagine, I never went back. For the entire three month membership! I didn't even get my card made! Part of the problem was, I was ready to work out the day I signed. Secondly, I had to go back when my hair looked decent because, heaven forbid I have another bad photo ID, and let me tell you when you have naturally curly hair, it just looks like a helmet head even if you really did have a headband in! :-) So I never went back! Ridiculous and vain, I know!

So the next crazy rule is that once your membership expires, you have to wait an entire year before you can rejoin! So Holly has been bugging me to join the gym for months. But I knew the drill. I've seen Holly with gyms! She's like me. You have the best intentions, buy all the workout clothes, shoes, and then never go. I thought they're not getting my $46 a month again for nothing. However, Holly has proven me wrong. She has averaged 3-4 days a week at the gym and actually putting her matching workout outfits to work. So now that she's proved herself, I figured I'd join.

Oh but there's a catch! Remember that waiting period I was talking about? Well it wasn't over till August 31st. So about August 20th I called. They told me I would have to wait 11 days or pay retroactive the entire 11 months to be able to join 11 days early! Are you kidding me?! Um no. I'm not paying for 11 months that I did not work out at your gym to join 11 days early and what do you care. You take my money charge me for an entire year, seriously, what's 11 days?! But I would have to go through a manager in order to get special approval. I took down her number and I believe I said something to the guy about striking while the iron is hot and I may not want to join the gym in 11 days, but I digress!

So of course I never called the manager. I was going to be out of town at the end of August anyway, what's another two weeks at this point, right? So I decide the first week of September I'm going to join the gym. Holly says, just join and we can work out tonight. I said are you sure I can work out the same day I join? She said yes. She was wrong! If you join the gym Monday - Sunday, you can not work out until the following Tuesday. Yeah, you heard right. Any day of the week you join the gym, you have to wait until the following Tuesday, so why join on Monday. Might as well wait till Sunday.

So Sunday rolls around, and I know you're so excited for this story to end, but I'm almost finished. I go in and sign up. I tell them I want to pay month to month and they ask me for a voided check. I don't have a voided check! The lady on the phone that I confirmed everything with said nothing about a voided check! They can run my debit card for 6 months worth of payments but they can't use my debit card to set me up to pay monthly! Obviously frustrated and not exactly wanting to fork out $300 that day, the guy gives me the alternative of coming back the next day with a check. No, no, no! I know that trick! If I come back Monday(remember the Monday through Sunday rule?) you won't let me work out for another week. He's like, yeah that is our rule!

So........$300 later, I JOINED THE GYM! Not exactly the best of first impressions that Four Seasons has made on me, but they have fun classes nonetheless and a ton of my friends are members there, so I'll survive! :-)

And Tami, I got your comment and your text and I promise I'm not holding out on you with pictures. I really haven't taken any. It's been some bad hair days, and well if you reference up above, I don't take pictures when my hair looks bad! :-)

Friday, September 5, 2008

I have a new respect for Nascar!

Today, dad and I got to pretend to be race car drivers. We did the Richard Petty driving experience in Fontana, CA at the California Speedway. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. You have to get there about an hour beforehand and then they give you your jumpsuit, have you go through an orientation, drive you around the track in a van showing you your lines and how to decelerate and accelerate in and out of the curves and just how to drive the cars in general. Then they bring you to the staging area where they put your helmet on and you wait until it's your turn to drive. It's takes a little getting used to. You do 8 laps, and about lap 4 you get it down.

It's apparently called the Auto Club Speedway now. They just had a race there Saturday that dad and I watched after we got back today. We have a new found respect for Nascar!

This is the driver's staging area

I like to think I could be the next Danica Patrick! :-)

My dad looked so official, one of the guys thought he was an instructor! I said, if they could only see his dress pants and polo under his jumpsuit they would have known better! :-)

The rookie cars

I was a smidge nervous!

They make you wear these under your helmet!

Not really a good look!

The put the helmet on so tight that........

you look like you have chipmunk cheeks!

Saying a little prayer before I got in the car. Like I said I was a little nervous!

They make you wear a neckbrace that won't let your head move hardly at all!

This is about the point I had a panic attack because you're strapped in so tight and it was about 110 degrees in the car!
After it was all done! I couldn't wait to do it again! It's a little weird getting used to. On the first turn as I got onto the track I went to look over my shoulder to check my blind spot and flip on my turn signal! Hard to do since you can't turn your head, you don't have a turn signal and there's no need to check for merging traffic! :-)

It was awesome!

I got to drive the Army car. It was my shout out to Tyler! :-)

Dad getting ready to drive

The Nascar guys make it look so easy to get in, but it was awkward trying to figure out what to hold on to inside.

Like I said, it was awkward to get in. I about got my foot stuck when I got in.

Getting strapped in

Yes, that would be his steering wheel on top of the car. Don't worry they put it on before you take off!

That's the pace car you have to keep up with. I said I would have done a lot better if they would have just gotten out of my way!

Dad taking off out of pit row

First lap
Dad was talking all kinds of smack about another guy that wasn't keeping up with the instructor and then he struggled his first three laps himself!

By lap 4 he had it together!

I would like it to be known that I had a faster top speed than dad! He had 126. I had 133!

Video of dad after it was over

Me taking off out of pit row. I didn't kill it! Thank you Heidi and Greg for my stick shift lessons! You obviously taught me something! :-)

Me out on the track! I'm the second car

More of me on the track, again the second car

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Wedding

The much awaited wedding pics! Were so happy for aunt Cheryl that God brought such a neat guy into her life. It was also really nice to have the ENTIRE family together all weekend. It's a rare occasion that we get everyone together at a family get together anymore, so it was fun to all be together.
We always start our drives off with pictures in the backseat. Doesn't everyone?

Before we left we had some drama because Kate was wearing a cream dress and only had a black bra with her. We found her a white one but then her bra hung out of her dress a little bit and the debate was whether she should put a tank underneath it. At the Huber household, we can take the simplest of situations and turn it into a full family affair! :-)

The lookout spot before the wedding.

Aedan wasn't feeling photogenic

The wedding was in the Botanical Garden at 5pm. It was a wee bit warm and bright at 5pm!

3/4 of the Studebaker clan

The flowers were beautiful. They looked like they had just been cut that morning!

Mom must have thought I called her name!

The actual garden

Before the ceremony

The botanical garden overlooked the golf course and the ocean. My dad was looking longingly at it!

I was going for the cool artsy photography shot here. Yeah, I don't really have an eye for it but I try!

I doctored this picture up a little bit with my editing feature.

There were drinks available before the wedding started. However it was a little bit of a surprise when the tea was unsweetened and what you thought was lemonade was grapefruit juice especially when you(me) mixed the two together thinking you were making an Arnold Palmer. Note to self, tea and grapefruit juice is not a good combo!

Sophie made her rounds to every single person at the wedding. She would sit on your lap for about 10 seconds before she wanted someone new.

Sunglasses were a must for this wedding or botox treatments afterward!

Next time I'll have to take the picture from a different angle so not everyone is looking into the sun!

Sophie getting a better look at the bride!

The groom waiting for his bride

That would be Brit and a lot of Connie's head

I wish I would have gotten a closeup of Brit's eye makeup! It was so cool!

Reid and Graham walked Cheryl down the aisle.

My dad's friend Dudley had the wedding ceremony. Ironically, he knows and is friends with Mike Baker and Gary York from Eastview. They go to mega church conferences together! :-)

Grandma looks like her jaw is crooked in this picture!

More of the ceremony

The presenting of roses to the parents

Awww! A little PDA during the ceremony

These two sang The Prayer and it was probably one of the best versions I've heard.

More flowers

More of the garden

Again more ceremony. Almost the same picture as up above, but this one you can't see Dudley's face!

Close up of the flowers

The vows. Don't worry, she said yes!

Um.....this picture is a little awkward based on hand placement.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Rick Nichols

Just some palm trees

The St. Regis Hotel where we saw Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider and Ben Stiller(well some of us saw them). Adam Sandler was using the alias Bobby Bouchet from Waterboy!

They were posing as the bride and groom

There's Kate again with her signature pose.

I just switched spots with Katie. I wish someone had told me that my necklace was crooked in like EVERY picture!

Lacey has grown out of her tomboy phase and will finally wear a dress again!

Hard to believe she has two already! You would think when you make such cute babies you wouldn't be done at 2!

Avery just hanging out

Whit and Brit

She tried to climb the pole to reach Hilary's hand. She did not succeed!

Sophie was totally intrigued by these umbrella poles. They kept her company the whole time we waited for the reception to start.

Kellen and Gary. Kellen's boss was nice enough to let him off for a whole day to be able to come down for his aunt's wedding, even though he had actually been given the whole weekend off originally!

Dad and Dudley. I thought that Dudley was like 70, white haired and shorter than my dad. Obviously I was wrong on all three!

Aedan just chillin on the ground with this trains

It must be an Overmyer thing to smile without teeth

Sophie's giving Aedan the eyes

Aedan doing a little jig

Kate always says what you might keep to yourself. She told Cheryl that her boobs looked great! I think she took it as a compliment!

Brit looked beautiful as maid of honor!

Sharing a laugh. Mom is missing out on the joke! That's kind of the story of her life! :-)

The sisters. You can barely tell they're related! :-)

With about ten different cameras going off, it was a little challenging to get everyone looking in the same direction or in Grandma's case, to not have their mouths hanging open! :-)

These two are birthday buddies. They are a day apart.

This is the picture they snuck in before I caught it.

What is Reid doing in the background?

Dudley was trying to get Sophie to show how old she was. She wasn't quite getting it!

Avery slightly resembles her daddy! :-)

Avery was a good sport all weekend, even despite not feeling well!

Aunt Cara and Britany

We almost got Avery to look at the camera.

We didn't get our height from my mom!

Tianne and Grandma Tillie

So Dudley asked me about work. Big mistake! If you look closely, he looks bored! However, my dad seems to be having a good time!

We had to wait a long time before the reception started. Hilary had apparently had enough! They did get to see the oldest kid from the show Home Improvement. He now has brown hair, is fatter and I can't remember his name so he's not that much of a celebrity but it was a least a small brush with fame. Later they ran into Adam Sandler walking his dog, so that was everyone's highlight of the evening!

At the reception, Dudley was saying that we may all be back together in California someday for Sophie's wedding. About that time she popped between Brent and Cheryl and yells "HI"! It was funny timing!

My dad was thrilled he didn't have to wear a shirt and tie!

The centerpiece. Cheryl's head is behind that vase. It was that big!

The table decor was all gorgeous

Brit's toast made us all cry! She started out by telling us that her and her mom went dress shopping and how Cheryl had tried on multiple dresses. The first one just didn't work. The saleswoman loved it but there was just something about it that didn't look right. Then she tried on the second dress and it fit perfectly. It complemented her in every area. She tied it all together by saying, the same is true in life. The first one didn't work and the second one is the perfect match, complementing Cheryl in every way! That's when we all lost it!

The cake was pretty, but it was prettier than it tasted.

The reception was in the wine cellar. We didn't drink that much alcohol!

Caught in the act or caught off guard?

Sophie likes to clean out bags, so she handed everything to Aedan one by one that was in his backpack.

Yes, he's crazy! That's my only explanation!

This is how I feel after hanging out with Ben! :-)

We just pretend to like each other! :-)

The cutting of the cake. I think the photographer was a little annoyed that I was trying to get pictures from the same angles he was. Like he was getting paid or something!

Oh come on, where's the smashing in the face?!

Aedan had a moment of happiness. He was having a rough day between being sick and overly tired.

Well there's one way to shut Ben up momentarily!

Even the dessert had little touches added to it. I just feel sorry for the person that had to draw on each one of these! :-)

I was trying to get one of those artistic pictures where there's a closeup of the bouquet and the person in the background, but Whit's expression kind of ruins the moment. She wasn't following my thought process!

I guess I should have taken off my shoes before this pic

I thought the flowers were pretty and worth taking pictures with. Whit thought I was dumb.

The flowers were pretty and apparently Kate thought they were tasty as well!

Two more years till you're legal Kate!

So we made the floral arrangements into lei's. We had a LOT of time on our hands! It took forever to get a box for the top of the cake.

Whit got the "final rose" and she accepted

Kate and Katie or as Kate calls her "Kitty"

Whit, why did you lose about a foot in height?

Everytime I look at this picture I think Whit looks like Popeye! And that would be a tongs in Kate's hands trying to clasp Whit's boob! Oh and why does my right arm here look like it's about the same size as the rest of my body?!

Go big or go home I always say!

Does she look hot for 54 or what?! :-)

So my mom looked at this picture and said, "so none of you guys really look like me, you know it?" Mother dear, you're just now noticing that?! :-) We kind of look like the Hubers! :-)

Brittany got to meet Rob Schneider earlier in the day. She must still be a little star struck!

The table from Whit's end. I was on the opposite end.

The bride and groom. My dad asked Rick if he was ready for all of us to leave at about 9pm. Rick jokingly said, actually I was ready for that about two hours ago!

Um something about this doesn't quite look natural. Maybe because Kate looks a little ferocious!

Katie isn't showing it but she was in a huge rush because her family was about to leave without her!