Monday, January 28, 2008

Two White Crew

We went out to Biaggi's Saturday night because Ash and Jenn's husband were at a concert and then we all met up with them later on. Here are some pics from the evening.
Ash and Jenn at dinner.
Not sure why my face looks twice the size of Holly's in this picture! It could be because I'm almost invisible with the lack of tab these days!

Jenn and Ash just switched spots. At Daddios waiting for the husbands to arrive. Two White Crew was the band playing and they were interesting to say the least! They are a cover band that sings 90's wrap music, which is kind of funny to see two white guys do!

Me and Tyler. This was before he ditched me for some random girl that was there with his friends! :-)

Denise and Tyler, Denise was at the concert as well and met up with us afterwards. There were apparently some pot smokers sitting in front of them and she said she felt like she was high from the second hand smoke!

Old roomies, I miss this girl! We don't get to hang out enough anymore!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It Never Fails!

I don't know if you can see how long this hallway is, but this is at the VERY end of the hallway at the hotel I stayed at last night. This happens about every time I get to a hotel. I check in and they give me my key. I go hauling down to my room which for some reason is ALWAYS the last room at the end of the hallway(my settings must say I don't want to be near the elevator or something), and I'm dying to get in the room to use the restroom after a long drive. I go to open the door and the key doesn't work. Now I'm faced with a dilemna. Do I leave my suitcase, laptop bag and purse in the hallway and just run down to the front desk(I mean seriously who would steal my stuff at 1am), but I always have that, well you never know feeling........SO I turn around, drag all my bags back down the neverending hallway, and go back to the front desk and explain the situation. Then they apologize for me having to come back down to the front desk and I have to act like it's no big deal and like it's the first time it's happened. I'm half tempted to start checking in and just telling them before I ever go to the room the first time that they need to reprogram my key because I can about guarantee that it will not work when I get to the room! :-)

Last of the New York Pics

I hadn't downloaded all of my pictures so these are the last of them!
There is nothing worse than getting to the Rose Bowl, getting blown out by USC and then having it blasted across the jumbotron in New York for all the city to see! :-) (U of I vs. USC)
Times Square at night.

If only we had been in this spot the night before!!! Note to self, find out more information in advance before trying to see the ball drop in Times Square! Rookie mistake!

So if Whit has to wait too long for the camera to go off, you start getting these faces out of her. So this picture took a couple tries to get it right!

Take 2

Now she's watching the wannabe broadway stars that pretty much forced us to give them tips after their mediocre performances! :-)

Ok, it only took four tries!

Friday, January 4, 2008

New York

We just got back from New York and here are some pictures from our trip!
This was our first night in New York. Whit and Kate were pretty well rested, but after driving to the airport at 2:30am that day and running on an hour of sleep, I was a little beat. We ate at Vincent's in Little Italy. Not exactly the best Italian I've ever had but the atmosphere was fun! There was a VERY loud band that came in and played for us and then practically begged for tips! They weren't that good! :-)
We wanted to go to Serendipity but the wait was about two hours so we killed some time. We found a pretty Christmas tree along our time killing, but the picture doesn't do it justice.

Kate felt left out because she said she didn't have a buddy since my friend Mandy met up with us. This is Kate and her imaginary buddy! :-)

Mandy and I in front of the Christmas tree.

We had to get the famous frozen hot chocolates from the movie Serendipity. They were amazing! I had a peanut butter one and it was awesome! The place was so cute! Definitely worth the two hour wait!

Waiting for the Subway after some haggling in Chinatown. I was successful with a Dolce & Gabbana knock off purse.

Kate was so excited about getting this watch for cheap in Chinatown and then five minutes later it broke! Thankfully we were able to fix it, but this is her lamenting over her purchase! She wanted to return it, but I told her I didn't think they had a return policy for stuff you buy on the street! :-)

We shopped in Soho and even though we couldn't even afford a keychain in this store, Whit and Kate were still excited to see one!

Whit got separated from Isaac on the Subway and got stuck between these two.

The subway is a little creepy at midnight!

We got to ride in a limo from our first hotel to the second one. Kate and I were a little excited!

Whit and Isaac...... not so much! Kate and I think they look constipated! Maybe that was the problem! :-)

View from the top of Rockefeller Center

Kate is aparently an angel in this picture and that is the Empire State Building between us

I accidentally poked Kate in the eye!

Not sure why we thought this huge oranments on water were so cool, but it seemed like a good backdrop for a picture! :-)

My two favorite morning show hosts, Matt and Meredith.

Our favorite Office characters, Michael and Dwight

The Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza. We thought about ice skating until you had to wait in line for multiple hours and they wanted to charge you $15!

This was when we were being herded like cattle on the way to Times Square to watch the ball drop.

This doesn't show how close we were to people and how if you were clausterphobic you would not have done well in this situation! :-)

What is it about New Year's that you actually think hats like this are cool at the time just because everyone else is wearing them? :-) We got as close as 46th street to the ball dropping(we needed to be at 44th), but the cops made us move and we didn't get to see the ball drop at all. Kind of a bummer!

I at least got this picture before they made us move

Kate and Isaac spying on our neighbors!

Kate and I showing off our free hat and gloves we got down at Times Square

We couldn't resist the tacky glasses!

We couldn't see ANYTHING at midnight but we weren't about to be in the room when the ball dropped so we at least went out on the street outside the hotel so we could hear the noise, fireworks and confetti dropping.

Not sure if those glasses will get another wear but they seemed worth the $4.50 a piece during our impulse buy! :-)

On the Staten Island Ferry taking the free route to see Statue of Liberty

Amazing how orange my hair looks next to Whit and Kate!

It was a tad windy! :-)

If you look really really closely you can kind of see the Statue of Liberty behind us!