Monday, April 28, 2008

Pop Culture

Ok, so I enjoy reading my cousin Tami's blog because for one she's hilarious and she always has these creative games. They are always fun and I love reading all of her friends comments, so I thought I would create a little game of my own! All of my friends know that I'm a total pop culture junkie, so I thought I would create a game to see how much you all know about pop culture. I will put down 25 questions and whoever gets the most right wins. I haven't thought about a prize yet, but I may come up with one. You just can't cheat! Try to answer based on what you know off the top of your head! :-)

1. What is Miley Cyrus' real name?
2. How many children do Brad and Angelina have now and what are their names?
3. On The Hills what are Lauren Conrad's roommates names?(she has 2)
4. Who won Big Brother this season?
5. Who is Ashlee Simpson engaged to?
6.What is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes baby's name?
7.Name five cast members from Grey's Anatomy.
8. Name Carrie Underwood's last two boyfriends.
9. What show did Chad Michael Murray have a guest spot on for multiple episodes before he got his own role on One Tree Hill?
10. What famous basketball player did Eva Longoria marry?
11. Who is Jennifer Aniston's best friend?
12. What show did Britney Spears recently have a guest spot on?
13. Who won season 4 of American Idol?
14. What actor is in almost every one of Ben Stiller's movies?
15. What was Britney Spears' first husband's name?
16. Who was Regis' cohost before Kelly Ripa?
17. What did Martha Stewart go to jail for?
18. What was the catch phrase that got OJ Simpson off for murder?
19. What is Anna Nicole Smith's daughter's name?
20. Who won the Superbowl this year?
21. What famous baseball player wrote a book and incriminated many other players in his book about using performance enhancing drugs?
22. How many times has Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France?
23. Who is Reese Witherspoon currently dating?
24. Name the five housewives from The Real Housewives of New York City.
25. What 90's Disney Channel show produced a lot of actors/actresses and singers? Name the show and three of the actors/singers.

2008 NFL Draft Pick

Ok, so he may not be my brother, but I'm still proud of him! My cousin Marissa, her brother-in-law, Andy Studebaker got drafted in the NFL Draft yesterday. He was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles. The quarterback from ISU. Luke Drone, who I also know through one of my good friends signed as a free agent with the Buffalo Bills. It's fun to know some people that might actually be playing in the pros next year. It will make it more fun to watch! Andrew played for Wheaton which is a Division 3 school so going pro is tougher. He lead the nation in sacks the last two years which is what got him a lot of recognition. He hurt his ankle early into his senior year and ended up having surgery which seemed it may hurt his pro chances. Thankfully his ankle healed better than expected and he was back to his old self in no time. He reports to mini camp on Friday. Kind of fun stuff for little ole Central Illinois! The pics above are when he was announced on TV and being interviewed by the local news!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Aria Kay

Rebekah had her baby yesterday. She went in around 5am and had her at 11:49am after only having to push for 10 minutes. She was 6lb 15oz and 19inches long. Mom and baby are doing well! As you can see, she has a full head of black hair and looks A LOT like Darci did. They named her Aria Kay, Kay after Bonnie's middle name. She's a cutie but was being stubborn and wouldn't wake up for us while we were there! :-)

Girls Night Out!

Well after being at home for three and a half weeks, it was definitely time for a girl's night out! Ash, Holly and I went to see a movie and then Denise met up with us for drinks and dessert at Biaggis afterwards. If you haven't tried the lemon cake at Biaggis yet, it is a must! Yum!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Hero of the Week!

So my hero this week is my dad. I could think of a thousand reasons why I consider him my hero but this week it's because of how yesterday morning went. Our conversation went a little something like this:
He came in to tell me goodbye before I left for the airport, and he said,
Dad - "Tara, I don't want you to go home."
Me - "I know I don't want to leave either."
Dad - "Then don't."
Me - "I guess I could stay longer."
Dad - "Really?! How long? A month?!"
Me - "Well I don't know if I can stay a month, but I could stay another week. I'm not traveling this week."
Dad - "Let's call the airlines!"
It obviously didn't take much twisting of my arm to stay another week in California. I love it out here and it's been a ton of fun getting to spend time with my parents. So I'm here another week. By the time I go home I will have been here for three and a half weeks! Kind of crazy! :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

So Holli tagged me a couple weeks ago and I have yet to post my ten random things about myself, so here you go!

1. I like Jimmy John's sandwiches but what I love more is the chips that I put on the sandwich and the best part is the lettuce, mayo and chips that fall out of the sandwich.

2. I've always wanted to be a famous singer and then be one of those celebrities that doesn't throw away their money or constantly having the paparazzi chasing after them! :-)

3. I'm a technology junkie. I check my email, Facebook, Myspace, blogs, and work email ALL day long. I actually feel lost without my blackberry. Most nights I spend in front of the tv with my laptop on my lap for hours.

4. I secretly enjoy watching some Disney Channel shows. I have a current fascination with Miley Cyrus.

5. I somehow managed to break both of my fourth toes in the same week on the same wall!

6. My dream trip is Australia.

7. I love the ocean but I hate the beach. I would love a house on the ocean with a pool, so I could view the ocean but lay out by the pool!

8. I like to keep people guessing and don't like people thinking they've got me figured out, especially if its wrong.

9. As I've gotten older I like to spend more time by myself and need about two to three hours each night to just veg and not be bothered. I talk to my friends on the phone while I'm in the car but if I don't get them and they call me back once I'm home during veg time, I will rarely answer. So if you call me and I don't answer you'll now know why.

10. I love kids but have never had this burning desire for children. I always wanted to be the working girl carrying a briefcase rather than having kids. Hopefully that will change some day for me! :-)