Monday, March 17, 2008

We Pulled it Off!!!!!

So Tami and I decided to throw Rebekah and Heidi a joint surprise party, but the surprises started early in the day when they woke up. The whole day they followed notes to tell them where to go. The places included:
  • Breakfast with in-laws and family
  • Manicures
  • Painting pottery
  • Afternoon coffee at Starbucks

The day ended at our house for "family night". We sat down to a fake dinner and after the prayer all their friends popped out from the basement to surprise them. Much to Tami and I's relief, the whole day went off without a hitch. So here are a few pictures from the day.

Painting at Fired Up
The birthday banner waitin for them at Fired Up

The cake we made for them. The California or Bust and the snowman is an inside joke from a trip we took years ago with a craving for cake and the store only having snowman cakes.

All the party girls.

The rest of the party girls.

Tami was the mastermind behind the whole day. Great idea Tam!

The fab four! I don't think we've ever called ourselves that, but I couldn't think of another caption to put underneath this! :-)

Bowling with Whit

So Whit and I went bowling the other night. She came from work and I came from a birthday party so we were a little overdressed for the bowling alley! We decided that without a sweatshirt and a beer we didn't quite fit in! :-) Whit's boyfriend Isaac apparently had someone from work that recognized us and said it was easy to pick us out because we were the only ones in the bowling alley wearing high heels!
Whit showing off her lovely bowling shoes and her gutter ball
I was testing the shutter thinking that if I sped it up it would take the picture faster. All it does is make the picture darker. This was the face Whit chose to help me test it out!

We decided that we may not bowl again any time soon because were apparently getting old since we were actually sore after bowling!


Ok, so I know I've been a little vacant lately. I like to post pictures but when I have no pictures to post, I feel like that just posting paragraphs about what I'm doing isn't nearly as fun to read!
:-) So my mom got us gifts for Valentine's Day and one of them was these blocks for our mantle that spell out Easter. I knew they were coming but Whit didn't know what they were, so when I took them out of the box they were all out of order. I said, Whit what do you think they spell? She quickly starting making words out of the letters and each letter that I set down, she would say another word. Eat, sat, tease, rate, seem, and then with the last letter I set down she yells out EATERS!! So my mom called shortly after and Whit promptly thanked her for our blocks that spelled eaters. My mom sat there quiet for a second and goes was there no S? Whit says no there was, eaters, s, s, s. Again there was a silent pause on my mom's end. All the sudden she yells out EASTER! It's supposed to spell EASTER!! Whit and I got a good chuckle and explained to my mom that we knew it spelled Easter. We just thought eaters was funnier!