Monday, December 15, 2008

The most annoying sound!

How could I have forgotten to post this?!?! So we had a lady in front of us at the game that would do this everytime Kansas City was on defense. Yes, that noise really is coming out of her mouth. When she stood up, she had on stretch pants that were of the MC Hammer variety as well. It explained so much! :-)

Andy Studebaker as a Kansas City Chief

So yesterday I got to do what I love doing and don't get to do a one of the boys! I'm still a girly girl but I love hanging with the boys and watching/talking sports. I rode down with Ben and Ben's cousin Matt to watch Ben's brother Andy play as a Kansas City Chief. He just recently got traded from the Eagles to Kansas City and I wanted to make a game before the end of the year. We left at 5:15am and met in Lincoln at 5:45am. The weather said it was going to be 65, so we were all excited how nice it was going to be. Twenty minutes before we got there, the temperature dropped from 65 to 42 and continued to drop to a whopping 20 before the day was done! It was freezing and Matt and Ben didn't even bring gloves! I've decided that hand warmers are completely useless when it's that cold! Besides the fact that they only get about luke warm the whole time. Ben's parents had an extra blanket that they gave me to use, but Matt pretty much hugged it the entire second half. He is 6 foot 6, so I guess he has more body to keep warm, but seriously I'm the girl! :-) The game was fun. KC lost unfortunately in the last few minutes of the game. We did get to see Andrew afterwards as well. He played special teams all day, so we got to see him out on the field a lot. Here are some pics from the day! He's #96

Ben looks like he has a tan but really he's just wind burned!

Back row - Daniel, Ben, Matt
Front row - Adair, me and Clayton
On the way home, we had Daniel, Adair and Clayton added to our car. They had driven down the day before and brought Andy's new envoy down with them. They obviously needed a ride home, so we took them. They surprisingly didn't want to ride with the "adults" in the other car. Not only did we freeze, but we hit some bad weather on the way home. Now all of you that read my blog obviously know that I totaled my car about a month ago and freaked out on our drive home from Green Bay. I thought I'd be getting better by now, but still am very skiddish in poor driving conditions at night. Ben drove home and I was able to doze off a couple times, but about every half hour he would yell out "oh s@%t!". That obviously didn't bring a sense of comfort and he wasn't real sympathetic to my panic stricken states! :-) I told him we needed to come up with a specification for his "oh s%#t"'s because between almost tattooing the Dodge logo to the side of some deer TWICE, icy roads and his fantasy football team just not doing well, I about had a heart attack on the way home and my neck and shoulders are pretty well shot!

All in all, we made it home safely, no wrecks and it was a fun day. Very surreal to see someone you know playing pro ball. He's living the dream!

Ugly Sweater Party

I know, I know. EVERYONE does ugly Christmas sweater parties now, but back in the day(4 years ago), no one had even heard about them! My friend Jon Berry came up with the idea which I thought was original at the time, but maybe he stole it as well. This is the second year that it's been at our house, but each year that we have it, it's fun to see what everyone comes up with for outfits! We have our staple group that makes it every year and then each year there are always a few additions.

Philip and Stephanie. Philip was so proud of his leopard print sweater! It's so short it's almost a belly shirt which he almost wore that way but thought it might be taking the whole concept over the top a litte bit too much! Good call!

So Denise and I needed outfits to wear. We went to my FAVORITE new store, The Dollar Tree for plates and cups and decided to get our white elephant gifts there. However, the more we wandered around the more ideas we got for sweaters. We gathered up as many tacky ornaments as we could find and glued them on to an old sweater. Our goal was to make it look like Christmas crapped on us. I think we succeeded! My earrings are actual ornaments, and no they didn't hurt! They were plastic and I just linked a pair of my hoop earrings to the string on them!

Denise and Ryan wrote Let it Snow on the back of Ryan's shirt in glitter glue about 20 minutes before the party started. He was not allowed to sit on my couches all night!

Don't be fooled! They are not holding hands in this picture, but they are dating! :-)

Yes, those would be pink pants that Chris is wearing. Well there was a debate over the color. They were considered salmon, rouge, pink.........what color do you think they are?

That is one handsome group of guys! Nothing like a bunch of guys in all women's clothing! Jon even has shoulder pads!

I'm pretty sure I have had teachers that have the exact pants that Bekah is wearing! Her shirt even lit up! First year for light up shirts!

Denise, Mike, Ryan and Jill. Mike said it was a little odd to shop in the women's section at Walmart. There wasn't much selection in the guy's section!

Kate said to Marissa, "Marissa, you think that sweater's ugly? I would totally wear that!" Marissa, was like, no Kate this is my real sweater! I just didn't dress up! :-)

What do you get when all the guys in your group are former baseball players? White elephant gifts that consist of signed baseball by made up people, a referee's balls and strikes hand held ticker, some signed pictures by baseball players and old subscriptions of baseball digest.

There seems to always be one gift that has some kind of jock jam music on it. Nothing like an NBA game for your computer!

So when you have a bunch of married couples in the group, you'd think they'd get a kick out of a dumb gift like this, but who ends up with the gift? The single guy in the room!

That would be a flashlight that can light up the entire state of Rhode Island. However it is currently broken! Too bad for Denise. She was really looking forward to using it!

Jon with his bling kit. It had a do-rag, a bling necklace, a grill for his teeth and afro pick(yes they were actually called that). He apparently isn't up on his bling terminology because he pronounced d0-rag and duhr-og! :-)

The flowered vest really finishes off the look!

This is the second year we've had the stairway picture. The picture that has a huge glare on it is a lifesize picture of a squirrel in a tree that I got in the white elephant exchange. It's a little creepy. Feels like the thing is checking you out!

Not sure what Jill said that was so funny, but Denise obviously is cracking up about something. I on the otherhand am a professional picture taker so I can stop long enough for the picture to be taken! I'm all business! :-) Note to self, don't glue a bell right underneath your boob. Maybe you should put the sweater on first before you start gluing!

Weddings, Weddings and More Weddings

So the last four weeks have been filled with four weddings. One weekend was free and I had two in one weekend. It was pretty much nuts. One of those weddings was the one where I wrecked my car, so they have been eventful as well! :-) I will post pictures from Holly's wedding once she's back in town. She didn't want to be scooped by me online! :-) Here are pictures from Jon and Bekah's wedding and my cousin Rachel's wedding.

He was totally cracking us up. He was eating strawberries faster than we could give them to him, even double fisting at times. He didn't even pause to eat around the stem. He just ate it all!

These two look pretty good for getting dressed and doing their makeup in the car! Kate even had to put tights on in the car twice since the first pair had a run all the way down the leg! Nothing like a run to Walmart for windshield wiper fluid and black tights on a Sunday morning!

It's pretty obvious that I didn't redo my eye makeup from Holly's wedding the night before. When you go to bed at 1:30am and have to be out the door at 7:15am, you have to cut out some of your routine!

Rachel had little Owen with her. Such a cute little guy!

Please everyone tell Tami how cute she looks in this picture, because she's bound determined that it's not a good picture of her. Not to mention, love the scarf and still waiting for you to tell me how you tied it like that! :-)

Not sure why I look three months pregnant in this picture but it's a good picture of everyone else.

Our soon to be new cousin Kyra.

Rach looked great! Her dress was totally her!

This picture took three tries. Shar had her eyes closed in the first two but managed to smile in all three.

Tam, you look adorable. Don't think otherwise. At least you don't look greasy like myself! :-)

Shar was attending to Smyth in meltdown mode over his food. He apparently was having trouble licking up all of his chocolate off his plate.

Our amazing photographer. She's the one responsible for our Christmas cards!

Jon and Bekah

The entire bridal party. This looks like a ton of people, but get ready because I was 10 on each side for my someday!

Seriously, why do you need an entire song for the unity candle?! What do you do for the other 2 minutes and 28 seconds once the candle is lit. What do you talk about? You think they said in advance, ok during the unity candle let's discuss........

Jon really got into the kiss!

Oh come on, you're no fun! Shove it in each other's faces!

Mandy admiring that her purple purse complimented nicely the green programs and napkins!

I was so thankful for this girl that night!

This is the reason why! We were told that there were no reserved seats at the reception, so we thought great! We don't have dates, that way we can sit with all our friends. Well all our friends were in the bridal party and they all had..........yep you guessed it, RESERVED SEATS! So we ended up at a table full of FCA coaches who weren't exactly the most inviting group of people. They didn't talk to us, left us behind like this multiple times throughout the evening and even passed the sparkling apple juice over us, not to us. We felt a little bit like outcasts!

We were VERY excited about the dessert table. They had chocolate covered strawberries. However by the time we got there, there were none left. Mandy ended up with this brownie which seemed to shrink in size from the dessert table back to our table. Steph informed us later that she had had four chocolate covered strawberries. We told her she ate ours and she owed us two chocolate covered strawberries!

The first dance. My camera flash doesn't do well from far away and it was dark in there. I just had to prove that Jon actually got out on the dance floor!

Poor Steph had a stress fracture and was wearing one dressy shoe and one boot. I'd be the stupid one and go for fashion over comfort and wear both dressy shoes even if it meant longer time for my foot to heal! :-)

My Fuel buddies. We've had a lot of great times together! So glad were all still close after almost 5 years!

Father-Daughter dance......again, no flash!

Apparently Bekah's bussel had broken so she had to carry her dress around like this the rest of the night.

She looked gorgeous and I was just hoping no one noticed that my hair needed to be washed super bad! The baby powder trick only works for so long!

I gave Jon some tanning tips before the wedding. He said he took them because he needed to be ready for the "big debut"! Maybe a little too much information! :-)

Chris abandoned Carrie all night so she brought a date, Wally! :-)

Jon, Kory and Michael

I tried to guilt them into coming to the sweater party this year. Apparently it didn't work! :-)

Nate and Ruthie. They were on the fence for sweater party. One said they were maybe coming, the other said they weren't coming, and then Nate told me they were going to try and make it! They didn't! :-)

We grabbed a drink after the wedding at Fat Jacks. I later had a dream that the rehearsal dinner was there! A little bit of an add location for a rehearsal dinner, especially that we had chicken parmesan to eat. Not sure why I remember that!

I miss this girl! They just HAD to move back to Indiana!

Ruthie and I discovered that Ella is as much of a Facebook junkie as we are! She was tagged in photos before the evening was out.