Thursday, February 21, 2008

An Afternoon with Will!

You know you have a cute child when we have to beg you to bring them over so we can watch them! :-) Heidi was kind enough to let us have Will for the afternoon.
This bag of twizzlers was keeping him busy for a while.
He would hold out the bag and squeeze as tight as he could and you could feel his whole body tense up and shake. Not sure what he was trying to accomplish but it was funny to watch!

I thought this was a cute close up of the little guy!

He totally looks like we posed him. He's so funny how he lounges when he's just playing!

Do you think maybe he's a little too close to the tv?! He was so enthralled with it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Good Doctor

I think this has to be one of my all time favorite videos. I just think this little boy is so cute and the way he says stuff cracks me up!

Hero of the Week!

Kate is my hero of the week! She doesn't have a part time job during her Freshman year of college so she can focus on her studies, so I told her I could put her to work for so many hours a week to give her some extra spending money. She helps me with paperwork, runs errands for me, does my laundry and cleans my room at times to rack up hours.
As much as I give her a hard time about packing my suitcase and forgetting to pack me an entire outfit when I'm out of town, buying a baby gift for me and forgetting the main portion of the gift, forgetting specific instructions I gave her because she was busy eating a cookie when I was telling them to her, buying something else when they don't have what I wanted and it ends up being the completely wrong thing or sending out a package that she addressed back to our house instead of the recipient, she is a HUGE help to me on a weekly basis. Every week I give her a list of things to get done by the end of the week. I send her all over town to run errands, get groceries, etc. It saves me time from having to do it all on the weekends when I'd rather be doing something more fun. I try to tell her thank you for all she does, but I know I don't relay it as much as I should, so Kate is my hero of the week or most weeks for that matter for her willing effort to help me out and make a few bucks! :-)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

FCA Dinner

My friend Jon works for FCA(Fellowship of Christian Athletes). Every year they have a banquet dinner to say thank you to their supporters as well as spread the word about FCA and bring on board more supporters. Jon asked me to put a table of 8 together, so my faithful Ozark's crew was willing to help me out to fill the table. We had a great time. It was Ash and Luke, Holly and Tim, Ben and Marissa, and Denise and I. We decided that we need to do another trip together and this year, somehow it was suggested to do a houseboat trip on Lake Cumberland. That ought to be interesting!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hero of the Week!

Ok, I'm totally stealing this from Tami and Beks, but I like the idea and I have a hero today. Ash Zeller is my hero of the week! First of all, I was at their house last night and my tire went flat. I apparently drove over something and put a hole in, which is now the 5th tire I've replaced on this car, but that's another story in itself. So she drove me home last night and also offered to pick me back up to help me take my car somewhere today to get the tire fixed. If that wasn't enough already, she made beer bread for my Valentine party. She knew I had a ton going on and offered to make it for me to help me out and here I was borrowing the mix from her!!! It was so sweet and such a huge help to me. I barely had enough time to get everthing out on the table before people showed up, so it was a total load off to have that already ready. Thank you Ash for helping me out and making my day easier!

Celebration of Singleness Night a.k.a Valentine's Day

What is it about this fateful day that depresses single people around the world?! I don't even like flowers and chocolate and the cheesy Valentine cards necessarily but for some reason just the idea of receiving these corny gifts puts a smile on my face. So last year we had a get together with single friends rather than sitting around doing nothing or lamenting over the fact that we don't have Valentine's. We thought 2008 would be our year, but as you can see from last year's group, there are quite a few repeats this year. We figure 2008 is still new, so there's still a chance, just not early enough for Valentine's Day! :-)

Last years group
Wait, this chair looks familiar! I totally didn't even plan that!
So the wine opener broke. We had to get creative with pliars. It took Josh and David about a half hour to get the cork out and the broken off piece of the wine opener!

It took a lot of strategic planning. If that didn't work we were going to get a hammer and just lap it up out of a bowl!

Denise didn't know her own strength. She broke my wine opener! Actually Heidi's wine opener. Guess I actually have to go out and buy one now! ;-)

Yes, still trying to open the bottle. Now there's an audience!

Kate's friends all got boyfriends in the last week, so her date for Valentine's Day was her friend Katie.

This is Denise's attempt at looking like a disciple in my slanket(it's a blanket with arm holes, best invention ever!)

Well let's see.......we spent the evening watching the guys open a bottle of wine, checking out the pizza delivery man(not cute), talking about why Mandy and Sarah voted for Aaron Shock(they think he's cute), learning spanish from a Ricky Martin song, watching karaoke rather than singing it, and having a hilarious Valentine's Day grab bag exchange.

Mandy's flash is VERY touchy and Kate forgot the art of taking a picture with notifying the subject with 1,2,3........(take picture), so there are some hilarious photos on Mandy's camera. By the way, Mandy I expect those pictures to be on Facebook by tomorrow! :-)

My two old roomies

If you can read the Family Feud question in the background, see if you can guess the top answer! And no, it's not an airplane. That's what I guessed! :-)

The girls! Recognize the chair? Same chair, different year(and house)!

Is it just me or do I almost look invisible? I HAVE GOT TO GET A TAN!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Girls Night Out

We wanted to go dancing Saturday night, so we went to this new country place in town. It was interesting to say the least. We had a guy that kept bugging us to dance, Denise got kissed, I got asked if I wanted to meet this guy's friend Clint, and when I say that was ok, he said I must be gay! The live band that was playing was a lot of fun, but it's a little strange to see country bands wearing baggy jeans, baseball caps and sketchers! Kind of ruins your normal impression of cowboys in wranglers, boots, and cowboy hats! :-)
Mandy and Denise

Denise always has this disgusting way of reminding me how badly I need to be on a beach getting a tan!

Jennessa is back from Iraq and killing time until her boyfriend gets back, so she had a free evening to hang out.

This was shortly before Denise got kissed on the forehead, the cheek and then the lips by the guy that took our picture! Thankfully she knew him, but it was still unexpected and uninvited!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Out there or In Here?

This is the view from my hotel room. Michigan is supposed to get 15 inches by midnight. The snow has let up for a little bit, but it's definitely trying to get to 15.
I think I'll stay within the confines of my cozy WARM hotel room! When I get on the road I seem to run into disaster. I now remember why getting off the road and managing seemed so appealing! :-)

Sick of Driving in Bad Weather!!!

Ok, so within the last week I have been in multiple scary driving situations!

Last week when we had the 50 mile an hour winds I made the mistake of trying to drive home from Chicago. It was terribly windy and blowing but I was too stubborn to stop and stay over because I hadn't brought any clothes with me. I kept pushing it and then when it got bad I was past all the places I could stop to actually find a hotel to stay at. I called friends and familly for moral support and scared them half to death as I would gasp when my visibility went to zippo. I've never wanted to cry that much when I've driven before. It literally would be fine and then you couldn't see anything at all. When you're coming to a complete halt on the interstate, it's a little freaky to know that someone may come barreling into you from behind. You couldn't even see the lines on the road. It was as if you had just driven into a white wall. Freaky!

So now that I'm hypersensitive to this drive, two days later is when Chicago got 9 inches. I stopped the day early because I wasn't about to get stuck in that again. I stopped the day at noon and a 45 min drive still took me close to two hours. I may have been driving like a grandma but I wasn't taking any chances!

Superbowl Sunday, I was driving home from Morton and the roads were slick. Weird day for weather. It's odd to have thunder and lightning when there is like 6 inches of snow on the ground and then sleeting. So as I'm driving back I can tell my wheels are slipping and these idiots passing me keep kicking up crap on my windshield making it harder to see. I was about a half hour late to pick up Whit from work. A half hour drive took me well over an hour!

Then yesterday, from start to finish it sucked, but the drive to the hotel was the worst part. The longer I drove the harder it rained and the colder it got. By the time I got to the hotel, the rain was freezing on my windshield. I looked at the weather today to find out that the weather is only supposed to get worse, so like my subject said, I'M SICK OF DRIVING IN BAD WEATHER!!!!