Wednesday, February 2, 2011


EPIC.......I've heard this word more in the last couple days then I've probably heard in my lifetime. All you heard for days was "this is an EPIC blizzard", "this storm is EPIC", "we haven't seen a storm like this since 1967, this is EPIC". An EPIC it was! Monday night I went to get the mail and the flakes were so big, I thought I was being pelted with snowballs!

I went to the store early Tuesday morning to get us some last minute items to last us until Saturday just in case we were stuck inside for days......and we are! :-) Not sure how you go to the store on Sunday and then end up spending even more money two days later on groceries, but were now fully stocked for like a month and Kate and I had an outstanding dinner last night! haha

I'm not sure we got the 24 inches that they were promising but we definitely got somewhere around 12-14. It was truly the most amount of snow I've seen in my lifetime. Dare I say EPIC? haha

Kate and I had some girl bonding since Denise and Whit both got snowed in elsewhere. We spent the evening making enough food to literally make us want to roll ourselves off the couch and then appropriately watched Biggest Loser. haha We woke up this morning to half the driveway covered about shin high and the road covered till about 4pm this afternoon. Thankfully we are all dug out now and able to move again, but it was kind of fun to get stuck for a couple days. This is the quietest week I've had in a while. haha

View from the front porch. It's hard to give depth perception here but the driveway was literally almost knee high past the end of Kate's car.

This drift just about came up to the neighbor's windows. If only I were a kid again to enjoy this massive snowstorm. Instead I sat and thought about how long it was going to take to melt all of this crap! haha

Not only was our grill a casualty, we had a drift on the back porch coming as high as the sliding door and we steps coming into the back of the house. Pretty crazy how tall the drifts were!

You can see that half the neighbors fence is engulfed. Good day to stay inside!

I got bored. Little late on taking down Christmas decorations so I at least gave myself a head start and pull them all in one place! haha

With a group effort between myself, Kate and Brian, we dug ourselves out and now we can return to society again tomorrow! haha