Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dinner at Arbor

It's good to be back! It has been a whirlwind week. From multiples meals out a day with friends, to work, Cubs games, visiting friends, it's been hectic. I think the lack of sleep and the time change are taking their toll on me. I thought I was staying on Central time the whole time I was home since I worked on Central time and my phone and computer didn't switch so that's what I had in my head all day, but waking up at 5:30am the other morning, seriously felt like I was getting up in the middle of the night!

I hadn't actually talked to Holly on the phone the whole time I was home. We may miss each other for a week with phone calls back and forth but that was extreme so between a few emails and text messages back and forth, we were LONG overdue to catch up. She asked me the first day I had free once I got back. I said the 17th. She wrote back and said, "put on your calendar, dinner at Arbor the 17th!!!!" :-) So I went to their place. Tim cooked us hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Well Hols doesn't eat meat so she had some kind of veggie bean burger that looked terrible but she said was good. Tim said, how do I know when it's done? She said, when it's soft inside. Yuck!

Great night to catch up with friends and see their wedding video. Funny when you're there the whole day the stuff you miss out on. I guess when you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off all day, you miss out on some key moments! haha

Um, this is the second time that I've worn this shirt/necklace combo where the necklace is wrapped around my boob. You would think that I would notice that before the flash goes off. Two bad it's not two strands so I could just act like it was part of the shirt! haha

These two make me laugh. Married life has not changed them a bit and their banter cracks me up. Some could call it bickering but they're not actually fighting because it always ends in laughter or eye rolling. I've missed this for the last 6 weeks! :-)

Holly looks like her hand has been chopped off, but thankfully she didn't ask me if I "wuv(love) them" like she usually does! haha

So I want my hair as long as Holly's. I aspire to be like the girls on The Hills! Long hair with flowing curls! :-)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cubs/Cards Game

Well I haven't been to a Cubs game in two years so I decided to do something about that. When tickets went on sale, I sat in a virtual waiting room for about 3 hours and was able to track down tickets for 4 different games. Today was the first of the 4 and it was Cubs vs. Cardinals.

Tami has never been to Wrigley and we've talked about going to a game for a couple years now so we decided to make it happen. We had a great time. Somehow we left town around 8:30am and didn't make it to the game till about 20minutes before, but we had a great time! It just felt like a long day when we didn't get home till about 13 hours later!

I should always trust my gut about the weather though. The last time I went to a game, someone told me I'd look dumb(they shall remain nameless) dragging blankets into the game and then we froze and had to sign up for credit cards to get free blankets to stay warm! So this time, I came prepared! I brought two blankets, but started questioning the need for them. Let's just say when you're not in the sun, and there's a breeze off the lake........TAKE THE BLANKETS! Always take the blankets! You can always sit on them if it's hot, but when in doubt, take the blankets! :-)

And you can't help but love a sporting even that brings out the worst in people! It's funny that in a normal setting when you're walking down the street, you wouldn't consider walking up to someone, get in their face and start yelling or trash talking but you throw on a jersey and it's a whole new ballgame! I love it that we get so offended when people say something not so nice about our team. Makes you want to throw down right in the street and show them who's boss, even if your team did just lose miserably! haha

I gave her one job......HOLD THE TICKETS!!!! I grabbed my phone, camera charger, two blankets, phone numbers for my conference call, directions to the train station and my purse. Two minutes down the road, I say, "do we have the tickets?" and Tami's like "oh no!" I think I left them on the counter! Geesh! haha Just teasing Tam!

All of our road trips have to start and end with pictures and a few weird ones mixed in! :-)

If you can't see what that says, it's a reminder that Tami is supposed to be babysitting for Heidi! About the time Heidi called to see where she was at was the time that the reminder went off! Oops!

Gotta love the 8am conference calls and all the dealers that don't know I have the day off that took up half my morning. My Jersey dealers are the best! When I call back, she always answers the phone "Hiiiiiiii, Tah-rah!" kind of drawn out like a southern accent but in Jersey terminology!

So we leave at 8:15am, the game is at 1:20pm. We got to the game at 1pm! How in the world does a drive to Joliet, a train to downtown, and the L over to the stadium take 4 hours?!?! You can tell the train ticket takers love their job too. Between all the incessant hole punching of tickets that they've already punched and yelling at people to keep their feet in, they were VERY pleasant!

So I was told that bleecher seats are the best. I bet they are if you show up more than 20 minutes before the game starts! It was packed so we settled for some seats by the tv cameras. We could ALMOST see third base!

Um, wasn't quite ready for this picture!

She caught me! Always checking email, Facebook, and rubbing it in to everyone I know with pictures and text that I was at the game while they were working!

A little game action. Looks like his arm is going to fly off with the ball!

It was a great game till the Cubs had the bases loaded and blew it!

The little man that lives in the scoreboard!

People walked in front of us ALL day! I thought I was more discrete when I was checking out their backsides as they passed by! haha

He was on the phone trying to track down C and U!

So did you know that after the game is over, you have about 2.5 seconds before they escort you out! Not a lot of tolerance for after game pictures. However, when you're one of the few sober in the crowd, I can understand the impatience.

We wanted a picture of the field behind us. Got four patches of grass! Awesome! But don't forget that amazing sign were standing in front of! The guy that took our picture insisted it was a good picture opp minus the bird poop between Keep and show! :-)

Seriously, how can you not like Wrigley? So much history!

The guys on the subway told me that I didn't look like I was going to a Cubs game the way I was dressed. I can't help it if my Cubs shirt shrunk!!! So I pulled out my baseball cap to prove I was a fan!

So something about me with my hat backwards seemed to strike us funny........

However, even funnier when this guy wanted to take a picture with me! Could I possibly look any more freaked out?! haha

My version of ghetto! :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Back!

So I've been home an entire day and a half and it's just been a whirlwind tour, but I'm loving every minute of it! I got in about noon and when I stopped off the plane in my flip flops, I knew I wasn't in California anymore! The cold 40 degree breeze made me about turn around and get back on the plane. I was thinking 4 hours from now I could be back in 80 degree weather, but I knew that my friends would start a revolt if I told them I was going to be gone any longer! :-)

Greg picked me up from the airport. He said I looked like a mess because I'm on the curb with my suitcase open, switching shoes, pulling out my make up bag, and trying to get situated before he pulls up. I hopped in and we headed to Bourbonnais to pick up my car. Poor Brandon and his roommate Caleb have had to stare at my car sitting on in front of his house for the last six weeks, I figured it was about time to give them a break! haha

I picked up my keys at the dealership and went and got my car. Thankfully it started and I headed on my way. I stopped in to see Keith at work without notice. I knew the ladies he works with have always wanted to know who this mystery Tara is because I have sent him stuff at work before. I figured I'd give them a reason to razz him, so I stopped in to say hi. As soon as I walked in, he knew exactly what I was doing and had this look on his face like, "oh no you didn't"! After I left he said they just looked at him and he put his head down and said, "that's Tara" and they just smiled and nodded. So I accomplished my goal. I'm sure they will be asking some questions.

Then I met up with Karen and Erika. We went to the Brickstone and had some drinks and appetizers. It was great to catch up with them, and now they want to be put on my monthly rotation! :-)

Tonight I went to dinner with Amy(ton :-)). It felt like it had been 6 months since I had seen her! Thankfully she and Adam are nightowls because I was there till almost 1am, but it's always great to see them and hang out. Adam was so sweet and stopped by the Big Foot and brought me back a polar pop.

I had been up since 2am but was pretty much on an adrenaline high by this point!

Karen has got to be one of the most stylish and hippest moms I know!

I love this little guy! He says the funniest stuff. We played catch with that shark for quite a long time. He's got quite an arm!

Amy and I had both gotten our hair highlighted today. She hates me for always wanting to take pictures, but she looks great no matter what, so I figure she won't hate me for long! :-)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Saying Goodbye

So after 6 1/2 weeks of being in California, it's finally time to say goodbye and head home. It's been a great time for work, relaxation, shopping, sun and spending time with my parents. Some of the funny things and highlights from my stay have been:

1. Going to the gym with my dad after work or in the mornings.

2. Watching Kutcher back up onto the wedge every night. She needs a beeper!

3. Listening to the caller ID try to pronounce the names of whose calling. It's terrible but entertaining. When Future Films for families called and and it came up as FFFF, the caller ID said that fuuuuuuuuuf was calling! When CDC called, it was kaduck!

4. Mom - "This guy called the office today trying to get information."
Dad - "Was it Oscar Montoya?"
Mom - "Um, I don't think so. His name was Adrienne."
Dad - "Well if his name was Adrienne, then his name wasn't Oscar Montoya."
Mom - "Oh yeah, you're right."

5. Dad - "What time do services start at Costa Meca(supposed to be Costa Mesa)?"
Me - "Is that Calvary Chapel in Mexico?"

6. When Heidi called me and mom left her on hold for minutes on end while she shrieked while trying to give me the phone because she thought she saw a rat run under the bush. As she said, you didn't see that tail!

7. Watching the Masters or any golf for that matter with my dad and laughing at how the announcers seem to have a microphone in our house because they repeat my dad word for word seconds after he does a running commentary on what's going on.

8. Laying out almost every day after work and then making dinner for mom and dad afterwards.

9. Finding some great deals and revamping my spring wardrobe

10. Having Denise out for a week and catching me up on all my girl chat time!

11. Walking out to the parking lot and my dad informing me that he parked on an angle because the car next to him had parked crooked. When I asked why he told me that he said he knew I was going to make fun of him, so he was just being proactive!

12. Mom telling me that with different groups of people she acts differently because with certain people they actually think she's funny! :-)

13. Going golfing with my dad.

14. Trying new restaurants to eat out.

15. Taking Kutcher on walks and seeing her bark to let the neighborhood know she's out and about!

16. And last but not least.......when my mom told me that I needed to help Kate with her WD-40 to get her taxes filed. You mean 1040 mom? :-)

Starting to pack.

My home away from home for the last 6 weeks.

My last meal. That makes it sound like I'm death row! Guess I should say, my last meal in California. I love Daphne's!

One last chance to have fro-yo!

We laugh every night when she does this. She's like a garbage truck backing up. We say she needs a little beeping noise!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


It was a gorgeous Easter Sunday! Mom sang for all four services at church starting at 5am for Sunrise. They actually do sunrise here when the sun rises! Dad and I weren't too interested in seeing the sun rise this morning so we chose first service at 7:45am instead. :-)

After church, we headed to the club to get in some golf. I hadn't picked up a club in about a year and it just drives my dad nuts when I play "well" for not having played in so long. He can't understand why I don't play more often. He's bound determined that if I played with some regularity that I could go pro and he'd carry my bag! His dream......not mine! :-)

We only played after we hooked up with another couple on the course. My dad knew them, surprise surprise! He knows EVERYONE at the club! It's funny. He's so well liked and they all call him Hubie. We were trying to figure out if what I was wearing, I could wear into the clubhouse for Easter brunch. The wife of the couple we were playing with politely said that she thought the club preferred a more modest top than what I had on, but quickly ended with, "not saying your top isn't modest!" :-) So it's a smidge big! I didn't realize how big until I started trying to play golf in it! :-)

After golf, we headed home and I caught some rays out by the pool, before coming in and watching the Masters with my dad. He was way more upset for Phil than Phil was over his mistakes on 15 and 17 and was still heartbroken for Kenny Perry when we were at dinner over his loss to Angel Cabrera. You would have thought he had lost the Masters! :-)

We went to Beach Fire for dinner where we had the funniest waiter. He was one of those types that was fun to joke around with. My parents were contemplating setting me up with him. Then he told us he was really into dancing and theatre and I think they changed their tune! haha

It was a great Easter! I head home Tuesday and I have mixed emotions about leaving. I'm ready to see all my friends and get back into a routine but will be sad to say goodbye to my parents.

First hole went better than expected.

Form is good.....ball didn't quite as far or high as I would have liked, but it was straight! :-)

He taught me everything I know!

It was further than it looks......

And I made it! You could also see right down my top so I used paint and spray painted myself a little black tank underneath my tank just for this picture! haha Maybe it wasn't modest!

Too bad you can't see a video. He hits it so long and hard. Looks like it should hurt!

So someone asked me if I made it over the water.........the answer is NO! :-)

Our last hole. My eyes were going nuts! Should have taken some allergy meds before we started.

Dad said I had to hold a club so I could prove to my friends I actually played! :-)

This is out of order, but this was after church. We went backstage to see mom.

Dad told me that mom would talk about how much she loved the porch at this restaurant and that if she ever built a house this is the kind of porch she would want. It was funny, because we had barely sat down before she started in on how great the porch was! :-)

Dad doesn't like this photo. He looks a little tired I guess. He said, we already have lots of pictures of you and me. I said, I know, but not of me in this shirt! He said, then let's just take a picture of the shirt! It doesn't quite work that way! :-)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Goodbye Denise/Happy Birthday Mom!

So Denise headed home yesterday begrudgingly. Who would want to go back to 44 degree weather when you could stay in the sunshine?! :-) It was a great week though! I'm pretty sure she had a relaxing spring break filled with sun, shopping, eating out, new sights, girl talk, and working out. What more could you want from a vacation, right?

My dad asked me if I was sad to see her go. I said, well yeah, but I'll see her in four days so I think I'll survive till then! :-) He immediately said, well when are you going to see ME again?!

So today is my mom's birthday! My aunt Cheryl gave me a great suggestion for my mom on some Versace perfume that she had tried of Cheryl's over spring break. Mom had totally forgotten about it, so it was a nice little surprise. Whit and Kate and I also went in on a gift card to American Airlines for her so we can all take a trip together to NYC. Mom has never been and has always wanted to go. She was VERY excited about that.

So we spent the day doing what girls love to do.......SHOP! Surprisingly, we made it to some stores I had not gone to yet with Denise! That's why I love California. You can shop everyday for an entire week and still have more to see! haha After that we had lunch at Maggianos. Yum!

I about had to push her onto the plane! :-)

So pictures when your hair is in a ponytail just never looks as good as it did in the mirror that morning! :-)

Our waitress was in a bit of a hurry, so were lucky to have even gotten this picture!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Denise's Last Day in California

Well it was Denise's last day in California, so we started it out by getting more sun. Just what she needs right? She was darking than me when she got here and I've here for 5 weeks! haha Well she laid out while I worked and then I joined her in the afternoon. We got a few more rays in before we had to get ready for dinner.

We realized that Denise has now spent three birthdays with my mom. Her spring break seems to fall around Easter a lot and my mom's birthday is the 11th, so this is the third birthday she's been here for. We went to San Clemente on the pier and ate at this restaurant called Fisherman's Restaurant. Real original! But they had great crab legs and some of the best clam chowder I've ever eaten. My dad said at one point, how have we been here 8 years and never known about this place?! Well let me take a stab at it.........YOU GUYS NEVER TRY NEW THINGS! :-)

It was a little windy and chilly by the water and the two small heaters that the waitress assured us would keep us warm did not convince me so we ate inside. Still great view and actual warmth. Plus I had spent so much time on my hair, why sit outside and have it blown to pieces? haha

So Denise leaves this morning. Were heading out to the airport in about an hour. It will be nice to have a few more days with my parents before I actually go home. I think I might actually golf with my dad Saturday! I've been here 6 weeks now and have yet to go. Wish me luck! I haven't picked up a club in about a year! Could be scary! :-)

I talked Denise into buying this shirt. It's out of her norm. No lace and not exactly a tank and not fitted. She actually loved it and it looked great on her! I can be very convincing when I want to be. haha

So it was a little windy! That would not by pregnant mother pose.......I was trying to make sure my shirt didn't blow away!

That's a little better. My dad said, "try not to make it look like you're freezing!" I thought we pulled it off!

Mom is turning 55 this year! Can you believe it?! She doesn't look it at all! Now her memory at times gives away her age! haha

It looks like I'm sitting in the backseat for this picture! :-)

The dessert was huge. We forgot to check later if that's actually what they give away for birthdays or if we got charged for that monster happy birthday dessert. It was mocha and Dad and I hate coffee, so Denise and Mom had a hay day. Mom kept trying to say that you couldn't taste the coffee! I said, "you're immune to it! Believe me, I can taste it!" :-)