Monday, April 28, 2008

2008 NFL Draft Pick

Ok, so he may not be my brother, but I'm still proud of him! My cousin Marissa, her brother-in-law, Andy Studebaker got drafted in the NFL Draft yesterday. He was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles. The quarterback from ISU. Luke Drone, who I also know through one of my good friends signed as a free agent with the Buffalo Bills. It's fun to know some people that might actually be playing in the pros next year. It will make it more fun to watch! Andrew played for Wheaton which is a Division 3 school so going pro is tougher. He lead the nation in sacks the last two years which is what got him a lot of recognition. He hurt his ankle early into his senior year and ended up having surgery which seemed it may hurt his pro chances. Thankfully his ankle healed better than expected and he was back to his old self in no time. He reports to mini camp on Friday. Kind of fun stuff for little ole Central Illinois! The pics above are when he was announced on TV and being interviewed by the local news!

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tamika paige said...

that's awesome!!! i'm excited to hear about luke drone! I was wondering if he got drafted...look at ol' isu! so proud. :)