Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend with Britt!

So our cousin Brittany came out to visit for the weekend. She came to cut Kate's hair but Kate claims we never tell her anything(which somehow is always the truth, not sure how we always forget :-)), so Kate made plans to go to Nashville to see Phil. So Britt drove 2 1/2 hours just to see us! We made sure to show her a good time so she wasn't regretting the drive. :-) We went to Swingers for dinner and then to Six String to country line dance and then to Daddios to hear Sixteen Candles.

Isaac getting a picture of Whit's pearly whites!

These are pretty much typical looks out of both of them! :-)

Ok, now they're just faking! haha

Britt, me, Shannon and Denise, Denise is just trying to show off that she's ready for spring break already with her base tan! :-)

Same picture, just add Ty's thumb. Britt is a little nervous about it being near her! haha

I should have known he was up to something!

Love this guy! He's like my little brother!

She had a 55 calorie beer. I think she had the right idea with Diet Coke. Watered down beer.....yuck! Beer in general.....yuck! :-)

Whit is not suffering from dandruff. It was just really snowy outside! :-)

Whit showing her true feelings for having to listen to country music!

The snow on her head still hasn't quite melted!

Not sure what it is about this picture, but Whit creeps me out! haha

Tyler taught Shannon and I the Texas two step, and that would be Whit's nose in the bottom right hand corner! :-)

So we've been out together two times and Brian wore this exact outfit both times. I think its his go to clubbing outfit! haha

I've been told if you put your hand on your hip, your arm looks smaller. Come on, all the kids are doing it these days! :-)

Six String was lame and there was no line dancing so we went to Daddios to hear Sixteen Candles. They were kind of lame too! haha However, we did get this pic, which is now one of my favorites of us because Brian is actually fully smiling! :-)

Brian likes this one better because it shows off what he calls his "guns"! haha

Ok, I'll give you one try, which one is Brian? :-) My parents can't even tell them apart!

They gave us free hats! We are totally natural gangstas! haha

Not sure what Jeff is doing, but it looks like his tongue is getting sucked into that bottle! haha

Apparently I wasn't in agreement with what Brent was saying! :-)

This would be compliments of Britt!

Britt was trying to get a picture of Brian's track jacket tied around his waist. She asked him if he was going on a field trip! haha

Brian whispering sweet nothings in Jeff's ear and he's clearly not comfortable with it! haha

Yeah, don't know!

Brent told Britt he's not very photogenic........she said, I can tell! haha

Ok, why did I have to ruin it?

Brent showing off his new western wear shirt. I think he looks goooooood and hopefully Brian can borrow it sometime! haha

Britt was hamming it up on the dance floor!

Take 1 - hat forward, hair in ponytail

Take 2 - hat backwards, hair down

Take 3 - hat off, hair in ponytail

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Tami said...

Tara...this is me checking your blog with a big smile on my face because I'm so happy you posted again! :) I'm proud to say that I immediately knew which one was Brian and which was Brent in that picture. Now that I'm saying that, I'm kind of creeping myself out considering I've never met Brent and I've only met Brian 2 times. Oh well. Looks like you showed Britt a good time! And yes, I agree, Whit creeps me out in that picture too.