Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Whit and I got the biggest kick out of how Darci kept shooshing Isaac as she was watching her video. The part we didn't get captured on video was her batting Isaac away with her hand. It was really cute!


Tara said...

For some reason, I've been told that it says the video isn't available anymore so you may try this link if the video doesn't work.

Rebekah said...

that was funnny to see Tara! I have been out of the loop with the internet for nearly two weeks because our hard drive crashed! Thanks again for babysitting that night! She had a ball!


heidi rinkenberger said...

i could finally watch the video. That was so cute. She is such a riot!

L & J Gutwein said...

Hey Tara,

I just tried to email you, but I received failure notice back? I was wondering what time your flight departed on Sun. to see if we are available for a tea. Thanks & see you soon :) -JennyG

Rebekah said...

Okay Tara, I probably think my daughter is cuter than anybody else does...but I am getting a bit tired of seeing her post here every time I check your blog...which is too many times a day!

Anyway, I'm ready to hear more about your life and how things are going.


L & J Gutwein said...

Tara, just so you know someone else + Rebekah misses your posts. :) -J