Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Distant Relatives

So I keep getting these e-mails from random e-mail addresses where they tell me that I have a distant relative that died in some kind of fatal accident. Usually plane crash, car wreck, diving accident, etc. Then they proceed to tell me that I am the next of kin and that there is this large sum of money due to me. I never respond because if I actually knew of this family member it would mean something, but this latest one I just decided to respond because I was bored.

I told them that I found it odd that I have so many distant relatives that coincidentally keep dying in fatal accidents and they all want to leave me a bunch of money. Seeing that I didn't know who this person was, that they should take their scam to some other sucker who might actually believe it.

Funny part was is I actually got a response back. They tried to tell me that it was totally legit and that they've worked for this bank for 10 years and that there was 17.5 million dollars to disperse and they'd split it with me 50/50 for them putting it all together. That they'd need to come to the states to finish the paperwork and I would have to help see out the transaction. I was dying! I had totally seen this scam on Oprah AND Dr. Phil! So I wrote back and said I don't know how naive you think I am, but I watch Oprah and I know exactly what you're trying to do. Plus if I actually had a relative that wanted to leave me money I'd want a 100%! Why would I ever split it 50/50?

So anyway, like I said, I was bored but I had to laugh that they actually responded!

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Pam said...

Were they from Nigeria? That's where a lot of them come from I think.