Monday, March 17, 2008

Bowling with Whit

So Whit and I went bowling the other night. She came from work and I came from a birthday party so we were a little overdressed for the bowling alley! We decided that without a sweatshirt and a beer we didn't quite fit in! :-) Whit's boyfriend Isaac apparently had someone from work that recognized us and said it was easy to pick us out because we were the only ones in the bowling alley wearing high heels!
Whit showing off her lovely bowling shoes and her gutter ball
I was testing the shutter thinking that if I sped it up it would take the picture faster. All it does is make the picture darker. This was the face Whit chose to help me test it out!

We decided that we may not bowl again any time soon because were apparently getting old since we were actually sore after bowling!

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