Monday, March 17, 2008


Ok, so I know I've been a little vacant lately. I like to post pictures but when I have no pictures to post, I feel like that just posting paragraphs about what I'm doing isn't nearly as fun to read!
:-) So my mom got us gifts for Valentine's Day and one of them was these blocks for our mantle that spell out Easter. I knew they were coming but Whit didn't know what they were, so when I took them out of the box they were all out of order. I said, Whit what do you think they spell? She quickly starting making words out of the letters and each letter that I set down, she would say another word. Eat, sat, tease, rate, seem, and then with the last letter I set down she yells out EATERS!! So my mom called shortly after and Whit promptly thanked her for our blocks that spelled eaters. My mom sat there quiet for a second and goes was there no S? Whit says no there was, eaters, s, s, s. Again there was a silent pause on my mom's end. All the sudden she yells out EASTER! It's supposed to spell EASTER!! Whit and I got a good chuckle and explained to my mom that we knew it spelled Easter. We just thought eaters was funnier!

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Pam said...

I love it! That was good for a laugh!