Friday, May 9, 2008

Pictures with the Camera Phone

So Kate took my camera last weekend so I had to use my camera phone while we were out. The pictures aren't great but they work. We went to hear a band play Friday night. Some guys approached us to dance. If only I had a picture of them wanting to dance with Tami. It was hilarious. She just literally ran away! :-) Saturday night we went out to eat and then as Holly calls it to the "golf place". It's called Mulligans so I guess you could consider it the "golf place."
:-) Denise and I listening to Maggie Speaks
I look like I'm glowing!

The bartender kept saying that the camera was zooming in on me. Not sure if that was a pick up line or what! I said, no it's just because I'm wearing all white!

Greg and Tim - Greg is Tim's friend from college. He wore out his best white tennies and "mom jeans" as Ash would say!

Trying to take our own pic with the camera phone.

A little blurry.

Ash trying on Holly's Roberto Cavalli glasses. She looks like she just had lasick! :-)


Rebekah said...

okay...i am probably totally showing how not with it i am by this question...but what did you mean by, "he wore out his best white tennies and 'mom jeans'?"

just curious..

Tara said...

Hey Beks! What I was referring to are the jeans that our mom's used to wear. The old light wash, almost stonewashed jean that are really high waisted and tapered leg. Basically, not a cool pair of pants! Then he had on the whitest walking tennis shoes I think we'd ever seen. Just reminded us of something our dad's would wear. So that's why Ash was making the joke. Hope that explains better! :-)