Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

So I didn't really have plans all weekend, but there seemed to be something to do everyday. If nothing else, I just enjoyed having a day off of work. It was a very nice break. Unfortunately Illinois weather didn't really hold up and it wasn't very nice all weekend, but what can you expect when you live in the middle of the midwest. It's so unpredictable for any holiday!

Friday night I went out with Ash and Chase and Ty to Kobe(or the fire place as Chase calls it) for dinner. Ty ordered a Pina Colada(virgin of course), but either they didn't know what a pina colada is or there were using very different ingredients than what were used to because it was gross! Chase didn't seem to care but didn't finish half of it!
Saturday night I hung out with Denise at Sixth String. It's a country bar here in town. We were hoping there would be some cute country/cowboys out but no such luck! :-)
We watched Harley for the weekend while Ash was out of town. He had a busy weekend filled with two car rides and a playdate with Isaac's dog Apple. Can't you see how excited he is about all of it?! :-)
I was trying to get a picture of Apple and Isaac and just happened to get one as she was jumping up to give him a kiss. I thought it was cute.

Harley was completed tuckered out from playing with Apple and just sprawled out on the deck to rest. He was panting so hard I thought he was going to have a heart attack. We tried to give him some water but he wouldn't drink it out of Apple's bowl so we had to pour it on the deck and then he slurped it right up!

On the way home, Harley got to sit shotgun. He was still pretty tired because his tongue was hanging out the side of his mouth almost the entire ride home!

We went to Cara's yesterday for Memorial Day. This is Grandma T holding Marissa's new baby Avery. Her little headband kept moving and at one point it was more like a sweat band and she looked like rambo baby! :-)

Marissa and Avery

This was our second attempt because we both decided that we looked fat in the first attempt! We also happened to dress alike and matched Cara's couch.

Katie and Kate, two peas in a pod.

Even at 27, static cling with a balloon is still entertaining!

Katie and Kaitlin stole my camera for a few minutes and I ended up with this picture!

Marissa will probably kill me if she knows I posted this, because she thinks she looks tired, but I say she's got an excuse and for having a one week old she looks great!

So my Memorial Day ended with family night at Heidi and Jarod's. I thought this sight was just too cute. Beks and Heidi both feeding their babies, and dressed alike, and comparing side by side how much bigger Will looks now next to Aria!


Anonymous said...

I love how in the last picture you can also compare how much bigger I look that Rebekah. I was afraid you would post this picture! Oh well...vanity, vanity...

Tara said...

Oh whatever! You both look great! If I thought you looked bad I wouldn't have posted the picture! :-)