Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Busy Weekend!

So it's amazing how the summer has barely started but yet every weekend is packed until late August. This weekend was no exception. Friday night Denise and I had dinner at Kobe and then met up with friends at Maggie Mileys. Saturday was my ten year high school reunion. It was so good to see everyone and catch up. With a class of 17 kids you have a tendency to see most of them around town still but to actually spend time with everyone and see what they've been up to was a lot of fun. Today, we headed to the pool. It was the first time this summer I've been to the pool and I was really glad to get some sun. The weather was awesome and we had a great time watching Chase and Ty swim in the pool.
Ty Man chillin in the grass!
I look pregnant in this picture. I'd like to blame it on the wind, but I think it's the extra ten pounds I need to lose!

Ash and Evangeline. This is Eve saying "Chuck E Cheese" and giving the eyes!

Ash, Ash, and Abby
Andy and Brian. Brian was sporting the athlete/cowboy look with his underarmor shirt and cowboy hat.
Classmates, old friends, new friends, re-connected friends.
So out of the 17 we graduated with, about ten of us were there, but I didn't remember to get a picture when there were more of us.
After the reunion ended we decided we still wanted to hang out, and Denise caught up with us as well.
Andy and I. He was our honorary classmate. He didn't graduate with us but was always a part of our class.
Ash and Andy
Ash and the boys. Some things from high school never change. Ash was always just one of the guys! I was so jealous of that! :-)
Denise and Mike. We keep running into him. He keeps us company and shields us from weird boys.
We probably have a thousand of these pictures, but it's like a prerequisite for us when we hang out together.
I was so sticky from being outside all day. I still look shiny in this picture!
These two go way back. Andy was there the first time Ash took a jump off a ramp with her bike, ran into the mailbox and split her chin! They could practically be brother and sister!
At Fairview for my first day at the pool this summer.

I cropped out our legs. I still have some working out to do before I want those shown in pictures!
I have some catching up to do in the tanning department. I'm a little white compared to Ash and EVERYONE else!
Ty loved the water! He was moving his little arms and legs like he was swimming on his own. He was too cute!


Anonymous said...

Tara, looks like another fun filled weekend. Great pictures - Heidi

Holli said...

fun times! I will be calling you this week about your time here and send you a potential itinerary- which you can change:).

Christen Leigh said...

Hey Tara! Just wanted to say hi and thanks for stopping in at Pizza Hut the other week! It was fun to see you guys, even if it was short. Fun pics, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tara,

Great pics. This makes me miss the Endress' home. We always visited during GC & this year I am not attending & it was moved to closer to Peoria.

It looks like you will be visiting the Keiser's in Europe according to above comment. How awesome!!

Hope to see you soon. -J