Monday, June 2, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend!

This weekend was such a whirlwind with a lot going on. Thursday was Denise's birthday and we went to Peoria to celebrate. Friday we went out with just the girls to celebrate Denise's bday again. Friday night my dad flew into town for the weekend and Saturday we went out to Indiana to go to one of his old teacher's retirement parties. Sunday was Julie Neukomm's wedding, and then I stopped over to see Marissa and the baby.
Denise and her friend Jessica, at Granite City in Peoria for dinner.
Josh and I at the Peoria Chiefs game. I can't seem to figure out why my arm looks flourescent yellow in this picture.

Josh was trying out the zoom on my camera phone. It works!

Denise and I during the game. The usher didn't want to let us sit in these seats for fear that we might be in a season ticket holders spot. As you can see from the empty seats behind us, there wasn't much to worry about!
Denise's friend Lindsey and Denise

Greg and Denise. The first picture I took of them they looked stoned which was funnier but they would both kill me if I posted it, so for fear of keeping my life, it will not be posted online!

Lindsey and Pete Vonachen. She had to give him a kiss to get this baseball. He wouldn't accept a kiss on the cheek! He told her that he can't help that he's a sex symbol!

Mike and Joe(A band out of Indy) played after the game.

Lindsey grabbed this random guy to take a picture because she thought he looked like Prince William. Apparently his real name is Garrett Blunier and he's from Roanoke. Ahh.......the advantages of Facebook! :-)

It wasn't windy but based on my hair in my eyes you'd think there was a huge breeze as the camera was going off.

An empty ballpark and us.

Hanging out at Kellehers after the game.

Denise and her fellow teachers

Denise and her sister Lindsey at Biaggis for round two of her birthday.

Ash and I at dinner. Can you see that I have a smidge of color? :-)
Linda and Jenny, Denise's friends
Denise got a wine glass that had a D painted on it. It matched her shirt!

Kristie, Linda and Jenny

Melissa, Lindsey, Denise and Ash
Were missing our fourth part of the group.......Holly Rae
Dad with his old teachers Bill Castor and Marcel Gress

Out to lunch at J Bucks after church
Dad and Whit
Kate and Dad
Heidi and Will at Julie's wedding. He's such a little stud! He even has his collar popped! :-)

Aedan was a smidge tired. I thought he looked so cute with his pacey in.
Marissa and Nichole, and Nichole's baby Kate.
Nichole and I. She came out for Julie's wedding so we got to catch up while waiting in line at the reception.


Anonymous said...

It's always fun to see all your pictures and read your commentary. It does look like you had quite the few days there. No wonder you are sick! -Heidi

Minders said...

lol...I just had to comment Tara...I know Garrett Blunier! He's a few years younger than me, but I think we were in high school at the same time! Too funny!