Monday, March 2, 2009

FINALLY in Cali!

So I don't have any fun pictures YET, but I've only been here two days, so cut me some slack! I have to say though that I love it here! Sometimes I ask myself why I don't live here permanently? Well the answer is because of all of you! I love Illinois and that's home but I love coming "home" to California as well.

There's something about this house that takes all your troubles away! :-) We always joke and call it the house of restoration! Something about being at home, stressed out and just needing a break makes coming here all the more fun.

So even though I'm working the whole time I'm home, I love being here because it's WARM(it was 85 yesterday), the food is better AND different, the shopping is AMAZING and most importantly, my parents are here! I love spending time with them and catching up! My dad said this morning "I hate going to work when you're here"! Aww! That's so sweet! I said, well I'm working too so what's the difference? :-)

So anyway, that's my greetings from Cali! I will be here pretty much the entire month of March so if any of you get a wild hair and would like to come visit me, please do so! :-)


Aaron and Nichole said...

Wait a minute....are you still planning on being back the 14th...the weekend that I'm coming over?

Rebekah said...

I'm afraid all the wild hairs in the world probably won't get me out sounds wonderful. Especially since the high today was about 25 degrees and everyone and their brother has the flu it seems.

Hope you have a wonderful time and tell your mom and Dad I love them and miss them.


smw said...

i hope you have a great month. it sounds very nice. :) tell your parents hi.