Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pictures from Cali

So I've been in California for a week already. Feels like longer. When you work all week, doesn't feel much more like any other week. Just waiting for Friday to arrive. Whit and Kate flew in on Saturday with their boyfriends Phil and Isaac. I was a little late getting to the airport because mom insisted that I wash her car and then when they took over an hour to wash it, she was telling me to let them know I needed to go! That's a little difficult when 8 other cars are blocking yours in! I think I'll wait! They all got in safely and we headed down to the condo that afternoon after a short stint at the house to kill time.

Whit decided to go on a diet before she came out for spring break, which I'm in total support of. However, she has decided to stay on it while she's on spring break! I mean isn't that the point of eat a lot of good food and gain back all the weight you lost before you came?! :-) She would say to us before she was eating something she wasn't supposed to, "I'm not supposed to be eating this" as if her our own conscience was getting to her! :-)

We were going to eat at Rubios for dinner, but after 3 circles around the Stater Bros.(grocery store) parking lot not being able to find it, we ended up at El Torito instead. I'm sporting my favorite coat. Whit and Kate think I look like Paddington Bear in it, but I think I look like the Morton salt girl!

It looks like Phil is sitting on Kate's lap, but they just like to sit close when they eat! Kate kept reminding me that she got her hair straightened and how straight it was. She had me check it out when it was dry, when it was wet, when she had just dried it and after she straightened it! I get it Kate, it's STRAIGHT! :-)

We learned that mild guacomole in California means hot to the rest of the world! Our mouths were on fire!

Aunt Cheryl came out to keep mom company all week.

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Tami said...

check out those hot babes! i better get back on HCG. :)