Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It Never Fails!

I don't know if you can see how long this hallway is, but this is at the VERY end of the hallway at the hotel I stayed at last night. This happens about every time I get to a hotel. I check in and they give me my key. I go hauling down to my room which for some reason is ALWAYS the last room at the end of the hallway(my settings must say I don't want to be near the elevator or something), and I'm dying to get in the room to use the restroom after a long drive. I go to open the door and the key doesn't work. Now I'm faced with a dilemna. Do I leave my suitcase, laptop bag and purse in the hallway and just run down to the front desk(I mean seriously who would steal my stuff at 1am), but I always have that, well you never know feeling........SO I turn around, drag all my bags back down the neverending hallway, and go back to the front desk and explain the situation. Then they apologize for me having to come back down to the front desk and I have to act like it's no big deal and like it's the first time it's happened. I'm half tempted to start checking in and just telling them before I ever go to the room the first time that they need to reprogram my key because I can about guarantee that it will not work when I get to the room! :-)


Rebekah said...

how annoying! hotels that can't get it right can be frustrating...when we were on our way home from Florida, the hotel we stayed at only had hand towels to dry off with. I could have called and had someone get me one but by time I realized the dilemma I was soaking wet...didn't really feel like standing there and waiting for a big towel...besides, how would i have answered the door?!

tamika paige said...

oh my. i would be sooooo annoyed. i wouldn't mind the end of the hall thing so much if they would just get the key to work. yikes.
you should put the number in your cell phone so you could just call down. :)
i love the nyc pictures too! looks like tons of fun!

Tara said...

That's hilarious! Yeah, answering the door would be a challenge!