Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Last of the New York Pics

I hadn't downloaded all of my pictures so these are the last of them!
There is nothing worse than getting to the Rose Bowl, getting blown out by USC and then having it blasted across the jumbotron in New York for all the city to see! :-) (U of I vs. USC)
Times Square at night.

If only we had been in this spot the night before!!! Note to self, find out more information in advance before trying to see the ball drop in Times Square! Rookie mistake!

So if Whit has to wait too long for the camera to go off, you start getting these faces out of her. So this picture took a couple tries to get it right!

Take 2

Now she's watching the wannabe broadway stars that pretty much forced us to give them tips after their mediocre performances! :-)

Ok, it only took four tries!

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