Monday, January 28, 2008

Two White Crew

We went out to Biaggi's Saturday night because Ash and Jenn's husband were at a concert and then we all met up with them later on. Here are some pics from the evening.
Ash and Jenn at dinner.
Not sure why my face looks twice the size of Holly's in this picture! It could be because I'm almost invisible with the lack of tab these days!

Jenn and Ash just switched spots. At Daddios waiting for the husbands to arrive. Two White Crew was the band playing and they were interesting to say the least! They are a cover band that sings 90's wrap music, which is kind of funny to see two white guys do!

Me and Tyler. This was before he ditched me for some random girl that was there with his friends! :-)

Denise and Tyler, Denise was at the concert as well and met up with us afterwards. There were apparently some pot smokers sitting in front of them and she said she felt like she was high from the second hand smoke!

Old roomies, I miss this girl! We don't get to hang out enough anymore!


Rebekah said...

thanks for posting pictures tara...just one thing i noticed about all you all have really white teeth! maybe after i'm dong being pregnant, i can find out what you use to make them so nice and shiny white...please don't tell me it's just tooth that case, i have no hope! (not because I don't brush my just doesn't make my teeth that white!)


Tara said...

Well I don't know about my friends Bek, but I use whitening toothpaste and then Crest white strips but I haven't done them in a while and with all the pop I drink it's about time I do it again! :-)