Thursday, February 21, 2008

An Afternoon with Will!

You know you have a cute child when we have to beg you to bring them over so we can watch them! :-) Heidi was kind enough to let us have Will for the afternoon.
This bag of twizzlers was keeping him busy for a while.
He would hold out the bag and squeeze as tight as he could and you could feel his whole body tense up and shake. Not sure what he was trying to accomplish but it was funny to watch!

I thought this was a cute close up of the little guy!

He totally looks like we posed him. He's so funny how he lounges when he's just playing!

Do you think maybe he's a little too close to the tv?! He was so enthralled with it!


Jon Lloyd said...

Cool to see you have a blog! You should go and check mine out sometime. :)

tamika paige said...

heidi told me that you got to babysit my little rough cheeks!:)
you girls are just so sweet to offer though...seriously.

Anonymous said...

Again, Tara, you girls are the best! I think you are the most amazing people to watch my kid...and for free! I tell Jarod that if anything happens to me he should marry one of you guys...even though you are doubly related...first and second...that would be a little gross. Anyway, thanks again for all you do!!- heidi

Holli said...

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