Monday, December 15, 2008

Ugly Sweater Party

I know, I know. EVERYONE does ugly Christmas sweater parties now, but back in the day(4 years ago), no one had even heard about them! My friend Jon Berry came up with the idea which I thought was original at the time, but maybe he stole it as well. This is the second year that it's been at our house, but each year that we have it, it's fun to see what everyone comes up with for outfits! We have our staple group that makes it every year and then each year there are always a few additions.

Philip and Stephanie. Philip was so proud of his leopard print sweater! It's so short it's almost a belly shirt which he almost wore that way but thought it might be taking the whole concept over the top a litte bit too much! Good call!

So Denise and I needed outfits to wear. We went to my FAVORITE new store, The Dollar Tree for plates and cups and decided to get our white elephant gifts there. However, the more we wandered around the more ideas we got for sweaters. We gathered up as many tacky ornaments as we could find and glued them on to an old sweater. Our goal was to make it look like Christmas crapped on us. I think we succeeded! My earrings are actual ornaments, and no they didn't hurt! They were plastic and I just linked a pair of my hoop earrings to the string on them!

Denise and Ryan wrote Let it Snow on the back of Ryan's shirt in glitter glue about 20 minutes before the party started. He was not allowed to sit on my couches all night!

Don't be fooled! They are not holding hands in this picture, but they are dating! :-)

Yes, those would be pink pants that Chris is wearing. Well there was a debate over the color. They were considered salmon, rouge, pink.........what color do you think they are?

That is one handsome group of guys! Nothing like a bunch of guys in all women's clothing! Jon even has shoulder pads!

I'm pretty sure I have had teachers that have the exact pants that Bekah is wearing! Her shirt even lit up! First year for light up shirts!

Denise, Mike, Ryan and Jill. Mike said it was a little odd to shop in the women's section at Walmart. There wasn't much selection in the guy's section!

Kate said to Marissa, "Marissa, you think that sweater's ugly? I would totally wear that!" Marissa, was like, no Kate this is my real sweater! I just didn't dress up! :-)

What do you get when all the guys in your group are former baseball players? White elephant gifts that consist of signed baseball by made up people, a referee's balls and strikes hand held ticker, some signed pictures by baseball players and old subscriptions of baseball digest.

There seems to always be one gift that has some kind of jock jam music on it. Nothing like an NBA game for your computer!

So when you have a bunch of married couples in the group, you'd think they'd get a kick out of a dumb gift like this, but who ends up with the gift? The single guy in the room!

That would be a flashlight that can light up the entire state of Rhode Island. However it is currently broken! Too bad for Denise. She was really looking forward to using it!

Jon with his bling kit. It had a do-rag, a bling necklace, a grill for his teeth and afro pick(yes they were actually called that). He apparently isn't up on his bling terminology because he pronounced d0-rag and duhr-og! :-)

The flowered vest really finishes off the look!

This is the second year we've had the stairway picture. The picture that has a huge glare on it is a lifesize picture of a squirrel in a tree that I got in the white elephant exchange. It's a little creepy. Feels like the thing is checking you out!

Not sure what Jill said that was so funny, but Denise obviously is cracking up about something. I on the otherhand am a professional picture taker so I can stop long enough for the picture to be taken! I'm all business! :-) Note to self, don't glue a bell right underneath your boob. Maybe you should put the sweater on first before you start gluing!

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tamika paige said...

your earrings crack me up! they look like they could rip your ear lobes!!! you should wear those in town just for kicks some time.
i was thinking the same thing about marissa's sweater...i thought, "hmm, i actually think her sweater is cute" and then I read the caption. :)
looks like good times, although if that's a picture of a "life size" squirrel, I'd hate to run into the squirrels you see!
As always, LOVE the pictures and posts. Makes my day and considering that I'm on 3rd shift tonight, I was in need of some entertainment!