Monday, December 15, 2008

Andy Studebaker as a Kansas City Chief

So yesterday I got to do what I love doing and don't get to do a one of the boys! I'm still a girly girl but I love hanging with the boys and watching/talking sports. I rode down with Ben and Ben's cousin Matt to watch Ben's brother Andy play as a Kansas City Chief. He just recently got traded from the Eagles to Kansas City and I wanted to make a game before the end of the year. We left at 5:15am and met in Lincoln at 5:45am. The weather said it was going to be 65, so we were all excited how nice it was going to be. Twenty minutes before we got there, the temperature dropped from 65 to 42 and continued to drop to a whopping 20 before the day was done! It was freezing and Matt and Ben didn't even bring gloves! I've decided that hand warmers are completely useless when it's that cold! Besides the fact that they only get about luke warm the whole time. Ben's parents had an extra blanket that they gave me to use, but Matt pretty much hugged it the entire second half. He is 6 foot 6, so I guess he has more body to keep warm, but seriously I'm the girl! :-) The game was fun. KC lost unfortunately in the last few minutes of the game. We did get to see Andrew afterwards as well. He played special teams all day, so we got to see him out on the field a lot. Here are some pics from the day! He's #96

Ben looks like he has a tan but really he's just wind burned!

Back row - Daniel, Ben, Matt
Front row - Adair, me and Clayton
On the way home, we had Daniel, Adair and Clayton added to our car. They had driven down the day before and brought Andy's new envoy down with them. They obviously needed a ride home, so we took them. They surprisingly didn't want to ride with the "adults" in the other car. Not only did we freeze, but we hit some bad weather on the way home. Now all of you that read my blog obviously know that I totaled my car about a month ago and freaked out on our drive home from Green Bay. I thought I'd be getting better by now, but still am very skiddish in poor driving conditions at night. Ben drove home and I was able to doze off a couple times, but about every half hour he would yell out "oh s@%t!". That obviously didn't bring a sense of comfort and he wasn't real sympathetic to my panic stricken states! :-) I told him we needed to come up with a specification for his "oh s%#t"'s because between almost tattooing the Dodge logo to the side of some deer TWICE, icy roads and his fantasy football team just not doing well, I about had a heart attack on the way home and my neck and shoulders are pretty well shot!

All in all, we made it home safely, no wrecks and it was a fun day. Very surreal to see someone you know playing pro ball. He's living the dream!


Dan said...

I love Google Alerts for leading me to your blog. Perfect.

tamika paige said...

looks like a good day! i'm sooo glad you made it home safe. you probably couldn't sleep 'cause i kept texting you to make sure you were still alive! :)
yeah, i need to watch an atlanta falcons game...that would be weird to see someone you know playing!