Thursday, February 9, 2012


So it's been FOREVER since I've updated this blog or any blog for that matter. Needless to say I was a little preoccupied with wedding planning, then a wedding cookout and just settling into married life. What I've been doing lately is slowly updating the house to more the style I want it to be rather than just a hodge podge. My latest conquest is our entertainment center. It has been the thorn in my flesh for months because I just couldn't quite find all the stuff I wanted exactly to put in there. I finally put the final touches on it yesterday and am finally happy with it now. :-)

I found these pillows on Etsy.  You could monogram them however you wanted.  I love that about Etsy that most store owners are flexible about what you order.  This was actually Brian's idea.  He felt that our name should be displayed for everyone to see rather than just on the couch.  haha It has grown on me.

My cousin Heidi and I trade things all the time.  I give her clothes, she gives me great home decor items.  These were two she gave me a while back and I've been trying to figure out how to use them.  I got some walnuts and pecans in the shell and filled up the one on the left and used coffee beans for the other one.  Brian thought I should have done corn and soybeans.  The little farmer in him! haha

Brian had been wanting a globe and thanks to some wedding and Christmas Pottery Barn gift cards, I was able to get this.  All the fake books were a combination from Hobby Lobby, Gordmans and Tuesday Mornings.

Owls are all the rage this year!  Of course when I wanted one I couldn't find them anywhere and now you see them EVERYWHERE!  But I found this cute little owl at Z Gallerie.  It's actually a piggy bank, but you can't tell that from the front. :-)

I was pleasantly surprised when I found these wood dice at Meijer.  Of all places, but I thought they were cute and went with the style I was going for.

The & sign I found at Gordmans and had the vase of wheat grass left over from the wedding.

I found the chicken wire basket at Hobby Lobby and the balls were from Gordmans and Hobby Lobby.

These are my new favorite!  We went to the Tea Room in Mackinaw for my aunt's birthday last weekend and I found these candlestick holders. So different and unique, I love them!

I feel like I have looked at EVERY lantern in town, online or in a magazine.  They were either the wrong color, ridiculously expensive or too small.  I finally went with this one from Pottery Barn and it was the perfect height for what I wanted.  Ahhh, entertainment center complete.  Onto the next room......master bedroom! :-)

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Amy said...

looks good tara! i love all the pieces :)