Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day Coffee

It all started 4 years ago with some extra frosted sugar cookies that Ashley needed to get rid of.  Four years later, and were still doing our annual Valentine's Day coffee.  Every year we plan way ahead and then right at the end it seems to crop up on us and were scrambling to put it together last minute, but it always seems to turn out ok and everyone has a good time seeing each other.  We take turns between having it at her house or mine, so this year it was my place.  Two years ago I was rushing to Walmart the morning of picking up cinnamon rolls, caraffe's for coffee and anything else to throw it together.  Being out of town all week beforehand was not helping matters any.  So I felt like I needed to try a little harder this year to redeem myself.  haha

I was looking on Google images for some ideas of something I could put in a mini mason jar.  When I found these cupcakes in a jar, I thought it was too cute.

There were two kinds, white cake with strawberry frosting and red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  Everyone got to take one home with them.

Once again, the extra wedding decorations came in handy for the table decorations.  Lots of people helped bring food and the hit of the day was Holly's cheese dips.  Ham and cheese and a sun dried tomato and bacon one on mini bagels, yum.  So good!

Everyone also got to take home some recipes.  I had this chicken wire memo board leftover from the wedding and was trying to figure out a way to reuse it.  I came up with recipes that people could take home.  So I went on Pinterest and copied a bunch of recipes, since they always have a picture with them.  I printed them out on card stock and then used binder clips to attach them to the board. 

I had three of each recipe and had about 30 recipes so there was a decent variety for everyone to choose from.

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