Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hero of the Week!

Kate is my hero of the week! She doesn't have a part time job during her Freshman year of college so she can focus on her studies, so I told her I could put her to work for so many hours a week to give her some extra spending money. She helps me with paperwork, runs errands for me, does my laundry and cleans my room at times to rack up hours.
As much as I give her a hard time about packing my suitcase and forgetting to pack me an entire outfit when I'm out of town, buying a baby gift for me and forgetting the main portion of the gift, forgetting specific instructions I gave her because she was busy eating a cookie when I was telling them to her, buying something else when they don't have what I wanted and it ends up being the completely wrong thing or sending out a package that she addressed back to our house instead of the recipient, she is a HUGE help to me on a weekly basis. Every week I give her a list of things to get done by the end of the week. I send her all over town to run errands, get groceries, etc. It saves me time from having to do it all on the weekends when I'd rather be doing something more fun. I try to tell her thank you for all she does, but I know I don't relay it as much as I should, so Kate is my hero of the week or most weeks for that matter for her willing effort to help me out and make a few bucks! :-)


tamika paige said...

she cracks me up!!!! that's hilarious about her addressing the package back to your house...i'm afraid i could relate to her all to well in all her ways of thinking! :)
she's a great girl and i'm so glad that she and whit moved back to bloomington...i'm sure you're a great 'boss' too! i think having a job working in your pjs isn't too shabby either for a college job! i'm sure she's so glad you're giving her hours! :)

Holli said...

I will pay her double! And never give her a hard time about ANYTHING!!!!