Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hero of the Week!

Ok, I'm totally stealing this from Tami and Beks, but I like the idea and I have a hero today. Ash Zeller is my hero of the week! First of all, I was at their house last night and my tire went flat. I apparently drove over something and put a hole in, which is now the 5th tire I've replaced on this car, but that's another story in itself. So she drove me home last night and also offered to pick me back up to help me take my car somewhere today to get the tire fixed. If that wasn't enough already, she made beer bread for my Valentine party. She knew I had a ton going on and offered to make it for me to help me out and here I was borrowing the mix from her!!! It was so sweet and such a huge help to me. I barely had enough time to get everthing out on the table before people showed up, so it was a total load off to have that already ready. Thank you Ash for helping me out and making my day easier!


tamika paige said...

I'm glad you're doing hero of the week! it sounds like ashley was a good choice...very well deserved! :) a friend in need...nothing quite like that.

Anonymous said...

from the sound of it, she sounds like the perfect first hero! Your blog is a great way to keep up with your life, Tara. I don't always comment, but I am a faithful reader. -Heidi