Thursday, February 14, 2008

Celebration of Singleness Night a.k.a Valentine's Day

What is it about this fateful day that depresses single people around the world?! I don't even like flowers and chocolate and the cheesy Valentine cards necessarily but for some reason just the idea of receiving these corny gifts puts a smile on my face. So last year we had a get together with single friends rather than sitting around doing nothing or lamenting over the fact that we don't have Valentine's. We thought 2008 would be our year, but as you can see from last year's group, there are quite a few repeats this year. We figure 2008 is still new, so there's still a chance, just not early enough for Valentine's Day! :-)

Last years group
Wait, this chair looks familiar! I totally didn't even plan that!
So the wine opener broke. We had to get creative with pliars. It took Josh and David about a half hour to get the cork out and the broken off piece of the wine opener!

It took a lot of strategic planning. If that didn't work we were going to get a hammer and just lap it up out of a bowl!

Denise didn't know her own strength. She broke my wine opener! Actually Heidi's wine opener. Guess I actually have to go out and buy one now! ;-)

Yes, still trying to open the bottle. Now there's an audience!

Kate's friends all got boyfriends in the last week, so her date for Valentine's Day was her friend Katie.

This is Denise's attempt at looking like a disciple in my slanket(it's a blanket with arm holes, best invention ever!)

Well let's see.......we spent the evening watching the guys open a bottle of wine, checking out the pizza delivery man(not cute), talking about why Mandy and Sarah voted for Aaron Shock(they think he's cute), learning spanish from a Ricky Martin song, watching karaoke rather than singing it, and having a hilarious Valentine's Day grab bag exchange.

Mandy's flash is VERY touchy and Kate forgot the art of taking a picture with notifying the subject with 1,2,3........(take picture), so there are some hilarious photos on Mandy's camera. By the way, Mandy I expect those pictures to be on Facebook by tomorrow! :-)

My two old roomies

If you can read the Family Feud question in the background, see if you can guess the top answer! And no, it's not an airplane. That's what I guessed! :-)

The girls! Recognize the chair? Same chair, different year(and house)!

Is it just me or do I almost look invisible? I HAVE GOT TO GET A TAN!!!

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