Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Trip Out

So the time finally arrived to go home(yes I call both California and Illinois home! I have a room at both, so they are both home to me! :-)) to California. My aunt Cheryl got remarried and we were all heading out there for the wedding. Whit felt the need to document every second of our trip, so here they are.

This would be us in the airport parking lot. It never fails when you're 100 feet from the door the airport shuttle comes around and asks if you would like a ride. Let me think..........by the time I drag my bags over to your shuttle, lug them up the steps, sit down and you drive me to the door, I could have already been inside. Thanks anyway! :-)
Here we are in line to check our bags. In the left hand corner would be Whitney's army issued backpack. All it needs is her last name stitched on it! She did not find my humor funny!

So we had to leave for the airport at 4:15am(Thank the Lord it was Bloomington Airport!), so what does Kate do? She stays up till about 3:50am talking to her new love interest. This expression is showing how she feels about flying out at 6am!

Kate, they're just donuts! You didn't just score concert tickets!

Whit documenting the next step of our airport process......getting donuts. Not pictured is me getting money out of the ATM, us going through security, and our short walk up the escalator to our gate. Don't worry, you didn't miss much!

Whit and Kate before eating their donuts.

Kate almost ate both of her donuts before Whit got a picture of her eating her donut. Thank goodness she caught it on her last bite!

Whit had already eaten her donut, so she was just pretending with mine!

You gotta love Kate! We think she's ADD. She was in the midst of telling Whit and I this story when all of a sudden she just stopped mid-story and her eyes got real big and she said "you guys, if we bang on that thing, I think we can get it to drop!" Whit and I turn around to see the bag of chex mix dangling. We both had to laugh. Oh Kate!

This would be Whit and Kate showing their disgust for their aisle and middle seats. They had some choice phrases for me when they found out I had a window seat! I said, I didn't book your seats! Be mad at mom!

So the older gentleman next to Whit made sure to remind her that they asked everyone to turn off their Ipods. Um......they actually had not!

Whit trying to enjoy our two hour layover in Atlanta. Last trip, mom didn't give us enough time to get from one gate to the other without running in a nonstop sprint. This time, Kate had time to catch up on her sleep sprawled out on airport chairs for a couple hours. Maybe next time we could be somewhere inbetween the two extremes! :-)

Kate cashed out

Whit taking a picture of me taking a picture of Kate

This would be the lovely picture I captured of Kate. Can you tell she's a little tired? :-)

So Kate fell asleep on the plane before the people next to her sat down. This was her reaction when she woke up and saw what we called the "drifter" sitting next to her!

What we didn't capture on camera was the little kid next to me snoring so loud I had to turn up my Ipod to drown him out!
If you haven't figured it out yet, we made it to California safely, but not before we had a luggage scare! My bag was the second to last one off the plane!

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tamika paige said...

what's this?! sister night with me?!?! wait a second...i have to remind myself that i'm not actually in your family. :) sad but true.
looks like great times! by the way, i can officially eat all normal food, so we need to do something fun for it before i go back on my wretched detox again! :)