Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner was at the Charthouse in Newport Beach. We started the evening off right away with pictures before we even left the house!
If my purse wasn't in the picture and I didn't look like my foot was broken, my mom would probably want to use this as our Christmas card picture.
I should have brought my darker foundation. My face doesn't quite match my neck!

Britany and Whit, Brit was maid of honor for Cheryl

Reid is cheesin it a little bit! I still can't believe that Graham can drive!

Avery, your shocked by your dad's antics? I feel the same way! :-)

This looks like a loving picture but it's actually a game that Ben plays with Aedan. He holds onto Aedan's pacifier in his mouth and Aedan tries to take it away.

There you can actually see the pacifier

One of my best friends

What sticks out in this picture? Could it be the coasters that Kate has hanging from her ears?! :)

We were imitating Kate's signature pose and Whit would also be imitating a turtle popping its head out of its shell

See! She does it in every picture! Or.........

She does the prom pose

This would be me imitating Kate's prom pose and Whit acting like it's awkward because IT IS! :)

It's hard to do the prom pose when both of you are trying to be the girl!

Ok, a normal one

They squished in the backseat to get some Fro-Yo at A-Cup. Translated: getting frozen yogurt at American Cup. Kate shortens everything!

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tamika paige said...

i love the prom picture pose...i've noticed that kate has her signature pose. she's hilarious. i have a feeling that if i posed like her i would look neither cool nor skinny. guess it takes that california girl attitude to pull off that pose 'cause she always looks cute.