Monday, November 17, 2008

Green Bay

So I got to go to Green Bay again yesterday. Holly and Tim couldn't use their tickets and Tim asked if I knew of anyone that would want tickets to the Bears/Packers game at Lambeau. Um, yeah! ME!!! So in a last minute planning, I hooked up with Keith and some of his friends that were already going to the game and we took his younger brother Alex as well. We left at 4:30am and got home around 9pm and aside from my panic attack on the way home because we hit some "snowy" weather, it was a great trip! Flashbacks from last weekend set in and I had a death grip on the console and the passenger's side door for the last hour and a half. My poor chiropractor this morning! :-)

Alex actually studied on the way up to the game. I think this may have lasted another 5 minutes after the picture was taken!

Um seriously.......why do I even try these stupid faces?! Here I think I'm being all cute and instead I just look retarded, and I promise I'm wearing a bra even though this picture makes it look like they are sitting on my knees!

The boys admiring Lambeau field. We had a lot of smack talk on the way up. If you don't get it, just look at the jerseys in the picture!

So this would be Keith refusing to smile because I made an innocent remark that he should stand on his tiptoes so he'd look taller in the picture. Some people are so senstive! :-)

Ashley and Ellen. These two made the ride up and back very interesting. They had two different choice phrases for every person's name that came up in conversation. Even the 7 year old in the bathroom that talked smack to Ellen about the Bears losing got a name!

Alex and Keith, Alex is 6'2" and Keith is 5'10". Either I'm blind or someone is lying about their height! :-)

Keith showing off his oh so cool hairdo and his support for the Packers with his ear warmer. He taught me a lot this weekend, like the freezing point of water is 32 degrees and not 36! Who knew?! He said, did you mean in farenheit or Kelvin? I was like, what the heck is Kelvin? He said, doesn't matter, either way you're wrong! :-)

My gametime buddy! I watched him as we walked into the stadium. His eyes were huge and he was grinning from ear to ear! It's always neat to see someone experience something like that for the first time.

This makes it look like we were sitting closer than we actually were, but the seats were still great. However the people in front of us were not. They were pretty well wasted by the time we sat down. You seem to either have slurring their word drunks or obnoxious drunks. This guy was just hyper and thought that spiking their sodas with a flask that look like binoculars was hilarious! I seriously think I heard him say 50 times throughout the game, did you see Brian with a K down there?! Supposedly someone they worked with. There was also Jessie with an M and some scuttlebut over the 4th member of their group leaving early. Something about his wife not being happy with how much he'd had to drink!

So the part of the flag that is sagging on the left hand side was a guy that literally got caught up in the flag. Every step he took was just a little bit further into the flag to the point that three people had to help him out of it. Apparently it was Florida that was giving him some trouble! :-)

They inducted new national guard recruits in that day and also had someone singing one of the new country songs about the war. Then they pulled out this flag in the shape of the U.S. If that wasn't enough to get your choked up, they had an eagle fly in over our heads and come down and land on this guy's arm. Then they proceeded to thank all the past/present/future service men and women. Tyler had called while we were on our way to the game. Made it that much more emotional during halftime.

Alex sat with me at the game. Keith told him they would switch at halftime, but Alex liked where we were sitting so much that he didn't "hear" his phone ring when Keith called SIX TIMES! :-) So Alex and I had fun together. At one point he turned to me and said, "this is freakin' awesome!
Sad day to be a Bears fan. They just literally didn't show up to play!

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tamika paige said...

Looks like a fun time!!! Although, I just decided this weekend, that I should probably be a Bears fan, so this is truly a very bad beginning. Although, I have found myself to be good luck to a team, so maybe they'll do better. :)
The story of the guy getting "wrapped up" in the flag was hilarious! Poor guy...he was probably totally embaressed.
I'm glad your trip was never know with those crazy roads. :)
Loved all the pictures!!! I'm very proud of you that you posted them before I begged you to! :)