Monday, November 24, 2008

Upon Nichole's Request

So Nichole wanted to see the craft project that I was doing as people were walking through the door. As you can see it's nothing big. Just took everyone's picture with Holly and then had them printed before we got done with dinner so I could put them on the front of the card/frame so I could give one to everyone before they left. Holly got the one with the group photo.

*UPDATE* - So I spoke too soon about my Ipod. It has miraculously started working again! After two days of being dead as a doornail, it came back to life! :-)

1 comment:

tamika paige said...

how have i not commented?!?! do you feel like i've failed you?! :)

I like the frames...leave it to you! rachel and pheobe really could have used your bachelorette planning expertise!

sorry, trying to come up with some kind of FRIENDS reference. I'm tryin' here.