Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Tami!

So as Tami is one of my most faithful readers, I felt it was only right to post something about her birthday. However I am a week late in telling her on the blog, I did celebrate with her on the day of.

I thought I would throw in some old photos of us. This was clearly before I cared about my figure and sucking in my stomach for a picture! Oh how I loved that swimsuit and was so jealous of Inoues with those matching suits and Tami's cute little skirt on hers!

I'm not sure more who to blame in this picture. My mom for doing my hair this way or me for allowing her to let me go out of the house like this! I loved this outfit. Something about it always reminded me of monopoly. We used to think the kid in the background was soooooo cool. I really am unsure as to why especially after seeing this picture again! :-)

Here are all the things I love about Tami:

1. Her blog is hilarious! If you haven't checked it out, you must! She's the best writer I've seen in a while. Actually keeps my attention on a post with no picture! Hard feat!

2. Tami shares a passion for Friends like I do. She gets all my Friends' quotes and we can both relate every situation in life back to a Friends episode. She's like my kindred spirit.

3. She loves her friends and is totally loyal to them no matter what the situation.

4. She screens my calls but I know it's mainly because she doesn't have reception and not because she doesn't want to talk to me! :-)

5. She has the funniest quirks like not being able to see people touch their bones, or loving to watch me curl my hair! It makes me feel so important when someone watches me get ready!

6. She can keep secrets. Tami, me and the fence post have all kinds of things stored up that no one knows! :-)

7. She loves her neices and nephews. She's great with them and they love her, well most of the time. Sometimes Darci acts like she doesn't think their girlfriend handshake is cool, but we know she totally feels differently when her friends aren't around to be cool in front of! :-)

8. She comes up with great games on her blog! I never win any of them and I got disqualified from the last one, but they're still fun!

9. She's a dreamer. Sometimes I'm so caught up in reality that I forget to dream. I appreciate that about Tami. She always has some great dreams and goals to go after.

10. She has prophetic dreams. So far none of them have gone in my favor, or she dreams about me ending up with my friend who is getting married in two weeks, but I figure one of these days she'll have one that will be the ending I want! :-)

11. She loves politics and becomes VERY passionate about it during election times. My favorite is still the Brunettes for Bush t-shirt she made during the last election.

12. She thinks I'm funny! I feel like I could become a comedian after hanging out with her and her sisters. I use all my new material on them. If it fails with Inoues, then it will really bomb with everyone else! :-)

13. She has a lot of wisdom and great insight to things that I don't.

14. She's a good sport when I give her an alcoholic beverage and it makes her cheeks itch and when I take her to hear a band and guys try to dance with her!

15. She was my buddy all growing up at family get togethers. We were always paired off. Carmen, Sharlin and Rebekah, Heidi and Rachel and then me and Tami. We became best buds early on.

16. She goes along with my ridiculous ideas even if I know she secretly thinks I'm crazy, she's still supportive! :-)

17. She didn't try to kill me after I had her do lunges at the gym and she couldn't walk for three days after!

18. She was with me the first time I wrecked my car and talked me off the ledge the whole way home from Leo while I worried about what my dad would say when I got home.

19. She helped me unpack my room when we moved to our new house and we became friends with a frog in my fire escape window.

20. She sides with me when my sisters think what I wear or say is oh so dumb! :-)

21. She needs a new recipe for beer cheese fondue or maybe just a different type of beer! :-)
22. We can both whine together about not having husbands or when I'll actually get a boyfriend! :-) We love to end our sentences with we'll see!
23. I admire her relationship with her sisters. She would go to the ends of the earth for them and they for her. I want that with my own.
24. She has the best embarassing moment stories. Crazy things are always happening to her and when she tells you about them, they are twice as funny!

25. And last but not least, she's one of my best friends and a great listener and so supportive of me in everything I do. I am truly grateful for your frienship and you being a "sister" of mine! I love ya Tam!
Happy Belated Birthday!


tamika paige said...

Wow. I think that is one of the nicest thing anyone has ever done is to write all those. I saw the movie "Fireproof" last night, and one of his love dares was to study his wife and know who she is...I was just thinking this morning how that means a lot to me when I feel like someone really knows me and those quirks that I don't even realize about myself...I'd have to say you know those pretty well!!!
Such great memories in those pictures and points you brought up! Thanks a million for that post...I'm going to save it. :)
I'm glad we've been best buds since we were little even though we both secretly wanted to be a part of the older "cooler" pairs, in the end, i think we were the cool duo. ;)
oh yes...if fence posts could talk. :)

Holli said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMI!!! Love this idea!- Did someone copy me this time usually you do the work for me! (my college papers!:)

Holli said...


Holli said...

oh and we will have to catch up! I just hate the time difference! - It really does cut into my social life!:)