Thursday, November 6, 2008

Here's to you Tami!

Since I have no pictures to post from the events of the last couple weeks, I will just fill you in or use fake ones with what I have been up to the last couple of weeks. The biggest news is that my friend Holly got engaged and I'm helping her plan her wedding. They are getting married December 6th, so needless to say I've been busy with a little bit of everything. So here's a rundown of what I've been up to:

10/25 - Earlier in the day, we went wedding dress shopping for Holly and also bridesmaid dress shopping for me. This was my other option to the one I actually chose that you'll see later in the post.

This one was a little too greek goddess for me, not to mention it didn't come in the color Holly wanted.

Again, didn't come in the right color and that is NOT all my boob! There was some heavy padding in the dress!

We found her dress on the first day at the first store. You gotta work fast when you only have 6 weeks to work with. Now if we could only get the invitations in the mail! :-)

10/25 - We babysat for Darci and Aria while Denny and Bonnie went to Call to Worship. It's funny when grandparents come back and ask how much they owe you for babysitting! For the record, I did not take their money! :-)

I really wasn't strangling her even though it looks like I was!

I'm not sure how Rebekah does it. She always gets these adorable pictures of Aria where she's smiling and laughing. In mine, she just looks startled!

This was shortly after Darci walked around the ottoman and just disappeared. She tripped on the blanket that was on the floor and just wiped out. This was after she popped back up!

See! Again startled! And I'm not squeezing her hand in my fist again even though it looks like I am. I promise Rebekah, I'm very gentle with your children! :-)

Darci watching about her 4th show. She liked Bob the Builder, and Cailou but she wasn't have Angelina the ballerina. She requested what we thought was McGee, but Beks told me later they don't even own any of the those movies. Must have been something else!

This was after she ate our entire bowl of candy corn and started in on the m&m

Either startled, or I just filled my pants!

I was trying to make her look like she had long hair. Instead it just look like some side mullet thing.

She really was happy that I was holding her

10/27 - Ash and I took Chase and Ty to Peoria to try on our dresses and get them ordered in the right color. This is my dress, however that is not me! It's interesting trying on dresses with dressing rooms with no locks. You may have a peeping Tom(Chase) that checks in on you ever so often! Between him and Ty crawling/walking all over the place, and keeping his fingers from getting pinched it was a busy evening. The ride there and back was VERY spacious as well in Luke's Audi that had the passenger's seat shoved into the dash to accommodate Ty's car seat. Don't mind me, I'm only 6'2"! :-)

10/28 - (old picture), I had dinner with Amy and we went to our usual spot in East Peoria......Avanti's. Adam hates the place so she never gets to have Avanti's, so now it's our routine. I drive to Morton, she drives us to East Peoria. We eat while Adam watches the kids for a little bit, then we come home while Adam goes to the gym and her and I talk. Then Adam gets back and I usually keep them up and wear out my welcome till at least midnigh

10/29 - Wednesday was Tami's birthday. We took her to our favorite "fast food" restaurant and treated her to her first tasting of Chipotle. We also greeted her with some balloons, namely a curious George balloon. It's not easy ordering your food with 4 helium balloons in your hand!

10/30 - Thursdays are my standing Office Night. We have people over, eat some good food and watch the show. We discovered that watching it after it's over, we can buzz through without commercial using TIVO. Best invention known to man. I also went to the Spread Truth dinner at ISU and got to sit with Jeff and Abby and David and Kate but sadly forgot to take pictures and had to leave early for Office night.

10/31 - I'd like to say that I was creative and came up with a cool and creative outfit like the one above and had an awesome party to go to on Halloween but instead I ran errands for centerpieces and went to bed early!

11/1 - Saturday we road tripped it out to Ft. Wayne for my cousin Rachel's personal shower. I have to say when you think about it, it's a little weird to buy sex clothes for someone. I try not to think about it too much! We also ate a ton of food. We hit McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger and Steak-n-Shake on the way out and back. I had something at each place and the shower! No wonder I felt fat Sunday morning! We also had a quick anatomy lesson on the drive out. Thank goodness we got that squared away before our soon to be new cousin Stephanie joined us! :-)

11/2 - I started out the morning in a huge fight with Kate over dishes since she didn't get the whole time change memo(she couldn't dust because that would make her sweaty before church). We got it all worked out though, through text of course! :-) Then I got some curtains hung, and on to church. After church I spent some time in the woods or picking up things that came from the woods to try and put together some centerpiece ideas for Holly

11/3 - Mondays are my TV night. All my favorite shows are on. I can hardly watch them all in an evening. Sometimes I save myself a treat and wake up early the next morning and finish watching one of them. I watch One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Jon and Kate Plus 8, Samantha Who and The Hills. It's a glorious night for the tv obsessed!

11/4 - I sadly watched (what we knew would probably happen) the election as Obama won and made it look like a landslide. I love how the media loves to act like it wasn't as close as it actually was in each state.

11/5 - I'm embarassed to admit that last night for sister night, we went to see High School Musical 3 or as the hip kids call it, HSM3. I decided that it is way too cheesy for my blood. I mean if Gabriella called Troy Bolton wildcat one one more time, I think I was going to scream! I think we should all start going around and referring to one another as mascots! So for al you CBA'ers, you will now be known as Crusader!

11/6 - I recently purchased one of these headsets when I'm on the phone which is pretty much all day so I don't hurt my neck, but Whit and Kate think I look like I should be saying, would you like fries with that?


Anonymous said...

And I thought I was busy!

hey- what kind of nice camera did you get? i'm on the hunt for one...

tamika paige said...

thanks for the post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes my day whenever you post 'cause you crack me up and have a lot of pictures. many things to say.
First off...I kind of like the greeg goddess dress on makes you treasure chest look very blessed. :) were you able to break my code? :)
secondly, i think you got great shots of aria!!! i love those pictures...and that little doozer is looking more and more like bek did as a little girl!
thirdly, i loved the chipotle dinner and curious george is still flying high wishing me a happy birthday every morning!
fourthly (is this a word?)that picture of the halloween costume it truly frightful!!! yikes...glad you didn't resort to that.
fifthly...the road trip was and all! glad we got the anatomy squared away. :)
sixthly, i'm intriged with tim's yard...i liken it in my head to narnia...some mysterious place that has an endless supply of possibilities.
seventhly (okay, that's definitely not a word)...i can't say i've seen most of those shows, but it sounds like a fun night to me! comment on the election. just bitter tears.
ninethly...hsm3 is amazing!!! okay, so not amazing, but i have to admit i liked know you did too, crusader! :)
tenthly, i have one of those awesome headsets at work...and yes, it's not the best accessory that i've ever worn.
LOVED the post!

Holli said...

Congrats to Holly! Hope the day goes without a hitch!
Am so jealous that you sat with Abs and she with you....but even more that you eat CHIPOTlE!:)hehe
good luck wedding planning!

Sandra said...

Tara, Im not really quite sure if you are busy enough?? There just has to be at least one or two more things you can add to your day:)
Thanks for the news post. Enjoyed reading it.