Monday, July 7, 2008

It's been a few weeks, I KNOW!!

No I didn't die, and no it's not that I didn't have anything to talk about. It's just been hectic between work and weekend plans. So here's what's been going on with me for the last couple of weeks!

Baby Aria. She's such a cutie! This was family night at Heidi and Jarod's. She likes to just chill on the floor. Unless I'm babysitting! Then she hates it! :-)

This is Will's favorite birthday gift. At the time he didn't know how to move, but had fun just sitting in it!
He however did not like to share his new toy! Poor Darci! :-)
Josh lovin on Aria. He's such a good big brother!
I was a little hurt that we were so boring that we put Tami and Uncle Hisato to sleep!
The two that actually stayed awake to listen to me talk! :-)

Holly's bday at Medici. She's impossible to buy for! The fact that Ash and I picked out a dress and shoes that she liked and they both fit was AMAZING! Here is Holly showing off her new dress that she really actually liked!
She's even surprised she liked them! :-)
Ash and Holly, always the dipping of the chin with Holly!
I given up the hope of trying to look tan next to Denise. I've come to accept that I will just always look like I've come out of the dead of winter!
So my new paranoia is my arms looking fat......well because they are right now. I love this waitress for cutting my arm out of the picture!

First day in California. This was after Whit and I literally sprinted through Atlanta airport trying to make our flight to LA. Next time were asking that mom give us more than 30 minutes in between connecting flights! I will also wear something other than flip flops so my shoes don't got shooting off into crowds of people as I run through the airport!
Splashes for Dinner to celebrate dad and Kate's birthday. Whit always with the artsy touch with her "hat"
Dad and his girls
Kate lamenting over the fact that she ordered a sirloin instead of a filet mignon.
Still tastes good!

Two peas in a pod
Mom cracks me up in this picture because she's the only one ready for the picture! Whit is checking out the seeing eye dog next to us even though neither person at the table next to us was blind.
Whit, Kate, Mom and dad's arm showing us the time!
I hate being the fat sister now! After I lost some weight, Whit said now I'm going to be the fat sister! I was like, does that mean that I was before?!
I'm starting down my mom's path. My hair keeps getting lighter! I will be blond like her before you know it!

Kate was very excited about getting a picture with Deiter. If you watched Laguna Beach, he was one of the "characters". Didn't have a huge role and obviously hasn't had a career in television since, since he was the concierge at the hotel we ate at!
No we don't have jauntis, just driving into the sun.
I for some reason look like I have a lazy eye in all these pictures from dinner that night. I think the night before with no sleep has something to do with it.
Kate was complaining that it was so hot in the car that she was sticking to the seat and to us!
Mom and dad got this monster sectional that we can all now sit on in the family room. Whit likes it so much, she now has a purse that matches the couch!

Lunch at Pelican Hill. Can you believe I got that dress at Dress Barn?! Whit decided it was worth checking out.
Mom and Dad, Can you believe he's 50?
He ordered shrimp cocktail. It came out in an ice sculpture! The shrimp inside were actually like part of the sculpture or at least stuck inside the ice sculpture!
They brought out these mini desserts for their birthdays! They were VERY rich, but even the chocolate piece coming out of the top had happy birthday written out on it. Very cute!
Dad didn't eat his but just showed it off.
Blowing out the candle on their "birthday cake"
So you know how when you take a picture the common thing to say is one..two...three?! Not around our house! Mom says, ready...set...go, and I believe my dad said for this picture, on your marks.....get set....go! That would be why Whit was not ready for the picture. Photography isn't exactly our strong point either. Is there a reason why the background isn't the circle drive we requested and that half of us are in the shade?!
This picture makes me laugh because it doesn't look like Whit for some reason!

PF Changs for dinner. I kept trying to tell mom that her weird pancake things were not the way to go and that Kung Pao Shrimp was where it's at, but she insisted on trying it, and then ended up eating off my plate for most of the meal!
Kate and her friend Whitney. She's the filler sister when the real Whitney can't be with us!

So I flew into Bloomington at 10:30pm and my friends somehow convinced me to meet up with them even though I had been in the air all day! Tim thought Holly looked like a hershey kiss in her new brown dress and cold shoes that Ash and I had gotten her!
I got ready in the airport bathroom. They apparently don't check the restrooms before they start shutting down the airport because I was in midchange when the lights went out on me! Trying to do your hair and freshen up makeup in the dark is a little challenging!
I love this picture because Tim looks like he's puffing out his chest and the sign behind him makes it look like he's wearing a sombrero!
Andy and Ashley, and that would be the other Andy in the background popping in the picture!

Denise's friend Allison, myself and Denise. Denise ALWAYS blinks in pictures. This picture we almost got both eyes open!
So when I hang out with Andy I always end up with some weird photos on my camera. This one of Andy and Brian, I have about five times just a little variation each time!
This cowboy thinks Denise is pretty neat and kept telling her all night! He's from the suburbs of Chicago. Such a wannabe cowboy!
Just saying hi! Not sure why my hand is as large as my face!
Andy, too cool!

Peoria Chiefs game with Philip and Stephanie, Josh and Greg. This was after Greg ditched us for part of the game to hang out with his small group. We did get him through all of dinner and most of the game though!
Josh and I, we were showing off how we coordinated our outfits. Josh has already contacted me about coordinating for Michigan City this weekend!

Ash is a amateur texter! She doesn't believe in iTappen! You send her a text and thirty minutes later you receive a response back, not because she wasn't near her phone but because she's still trying to respond back! :-) Also, she can't multitask! I mean seriously who can't text, drive, and eat in the car!?!
We went to Chicago for the 3rd and came back on the 4th. The way to go is skip the Taste and the fireworks and then you can get in ANYWHERE! :-) I talked Ash into this balloon top! Isn't it cute?
Denise was very festive with her firecracker top!
Too bad you can't see the restaurant. It was literally us and one other couple!
The bartender was terrible! The drinks were WAY too strong. So Ash got a second glass and got two drinks for the price of one.

We weren't sure how the weekend was going to go, so we prepared by taking one if the weekend went well and.............
one if it didn't go so well!
We kept talking about how it'd be funny if we ran into someone we knew amonst the millions of people in Chicago. Then we run into Nichole Musselman's parents and family. Kind of random!
Ash and I love Oven Grinders. The location is near Lincoln Park and it has some connection with the maffia back in the day(the location not the restaurant), but they have great pizza/pot pies and this really amazing flatbread that has different seasonings on it kind like oregano, parmesan, peppers, onions, and basil!
I had bought some new makeup at MAC earlier in the day and in the store my eyes didn't look nearly so scary but Ash assured me that they did!

So I have the glam look going on at 3pm with a t-shirt and jeans. Doesn't quite go together!
Ash showing off Oven Grinders and her new $10 purse. The only bad thing was the plastic lips that were attached to the purse. They apparently were supposed to be a permanent fixture of the purse because you had to have pliers to get them off!
Ty Man enjoying the pool. Safe in the confines of his floatie.

We've been spending a lot of time at Kirk's pool these days. Ty Man loves it! He's so good. He just sits in his float and kicks his little feet! We did have a casualty. I had him sitting on the raft behind Whit and turned away for a second to look at Chase and Ty fell over head first into the water. Thankfully Ash just laughed but I felt horrible!

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