Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Does something look out of place?

I came home tonight to find our mailbox in the street and the post still in the ground. Thankfully Whit got the mail today. I can only imagine the massacre of mail across our neighborhood if she hadn't! :-)


Anonymous said...

Tara, what a bummer about your mailbox...thank goodness the post didn't come out, or you might be needing my skills to put it back up. :) I love all the posts lately, by the way. I will be praying for Tyler and his brother while they are away. - Heidi

Rebekah said...

was it from the storm? or is the old bat wacking trick still around?

Tara said...

Well you see we never actually nailed the box to the post. We just kind of pushed it in place, so it probably didn't take a whole lot for the wind to take off with it. Thankfully it didn't go too far!