Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend in Iowa

I know, I know. I'm nuts! I went to Chicago for the 4th. Five days later left for Michigan City. Two days later I left for England, and then two days later went to Iowa for the weekend. Probably not the best time to try and catch up with friends when you're totally sleep deprived. Nichole can attest that I was a little zombie like at times! :-) It was still fun to see Aaron and Nichole's new house and just have a weekend to relax and catch up with old friends! We went to the pool, grilled out, went out for ice cream, rented a movie(that I fell asleep during, surprise, surprise!), went to church and ate out afterwards. Overall it was a great weekend, and so fun to see them again. Thank you guys for a much needed relaxing weekend! Tell Aaron, I'm praying that a position opens up in the McLean County branch! :-) Love you guys!
Oh how they grow up so fast! Can't even sit up and already driving!
Little Kate driving us home from lunch after church!

So I spent the week with one "roomie" in England and spent the following weekend with my other honorary "roomie". Now if we could just get all three of us together for a reunion with chips, pop, cookies, a little Dawson's Creek, Friends and maybe a pasta dish of some sort! :-)

Aaron is a good sport. He was outnumbered all weekend four to one. He kept retreating to the backyard to put together Mackenzie's swingset. He claimed he enjoyed, but I think he was just trying to get away from all the girly talk all weekend! :-)


Holli said...

not just pop but it must be Dr. P and we can just pretend we all have papers due tomorrow and no one is doing them!- to the good ole days! what ever happen to the blue checked coach any way?

Tara said...

Of course we would have Dr. Pepper and none of the DP Zero stuff! Yuck! :-) The blue couch went back to my uncle. I'm sure he gave it away to someone.