Monday, July 14, 2008

Michigan City

This weekend we went to Beachwalk Resort in Michigan City, IN. It was pretty much the same group that we went to the Ozarks with two years ago. It was a lot of fun to get everyone together and we loved the area so much, we plan on going back next year. Here are some pictures.

All the houses in Beachwalk had a name. Most of them were cute or creative. Ours.........not so much! It was just called the purple house. You guessed it! The house was purple.

Here was our house for the weekend

Our first night we went to dinner at Redamaks. They had really good burgers. However they took what seemed like three hours to get us our food, in the meantime cleared out the entire restaurant, shut off the lights on us and only accept cash!

Josh was a new addition to the Ozark/Michigan City crew. He told me nothing could have prepared him for this group! I hope that was a good thing! :-)

Tim and Denise

The girls......I actually look like a blond in this picture compared to Holly and Ash.

It was only the first night and Holly had had enough of Ben. They have a love hate relationship!

Denise and fried food DO NOT mix well together. A little 7Up for the stomach.

This picture took three tries because the first one my face looked fat, the second one I looked like a deer caught in headlight and this one looks like I'm missing my hand!

We went to the outlet mall nearby. I got my fill of Gymboree, Hanna Anderson, Carter's and the Croc store by the time we were done! Can you tell who I shopped with?! :-)

So somewhere between leaving at 2:30pm, being done in five minutes, and text messages between four people that weren't talking to each other even though three of the four were shopping together, we had a miscommunication and sat in the car for 45 minutes thinking just five more minutes we were leaving. :-)

Don't we look like we could be in a magazine ad the way were all standing? Showing off all their purchases. I had none. I'm saving my money for London.

We headed to the pool around 4pm. It was rainy/overcast/not sunny, but relaxing near the pool is always nice.

I was told there was an olympic sized swimming pool. The guys kept asking me where the other 3/4 of the olympic pool was!
My arm definitely looks like it's about to break in this picture!

We ate at Shoreline Brewery. We drove up and had to send someone in to make sure it was ok. It looked like we were eating in the ghetto and that it was closed down, but it actually had really good food.

We almost have the same color hair, skin color......not so much! And I'm actually tan in this picture!

Ben kept trying to get in our picture. I apparently was surprised!

Didn't you know it's cool to take a picture with all your mouths hanging out and acting like you're biting someone's head?!

We distracted Ben with an appetizer so we could take this picture!

I was trying to look sassy, but I just look mad!

I couldn't figure out why my ear. Once I saw the picture, it all became clear! Ben had my ear in a choke hold!

Ben got asked by someone if he was suffering from cancer. He's just too lazy to do his hair in the summer!
Ben, what will we do with him?
I'm pretty sure that swing had a weight limit and I was about to find out what happens when it goes over the weight limit!
Yes, at one point we were hitting the back post. There were all kinds of scenarios swirling through my head at this point, flying through the air on a porch swing, landing very hard the wooden porch after it broke, having to explain to the owners that a bunch of almost 30 year olds broke their porch swing!
Trying to get 10 people out the door at once was always a challenge. The owners told us that they had a wagon that we could take stuff down to the beach. They failed to mention it was big enough for a three year old to use. However our Luvs box of firewood fit in!
So Whit text me and asked if we had any stamps. I started to type her back to say, yes they are probably on my desk, but Ash asked me if anyone ordered steak at dinner right as I was typing back, so I responded with, "yes, they are probably on my steak!" Whit wrote back and said, "on your steak? What does that even mean?" When I read it back to everyone, they just lost it and we had a casualty with pee in the pants!

What didn't help is Andy wasn't feeling well and told Marissa that if she wanted any ribs, they were on the back deck(Andy had ribs for dinner).

We had the tallest guy drag the wagon to the beach. Probably should have made Denise pull it. The handle was a little short!

Andy was a little tired, but he made sure his phone serenaded us at the beach!
Our bonfire at the beach. We had to use the Luvs box as kindling.

Denise was trying to imitate an Indian Chief

We look like were doing the wave

I talked Tim into taking a picture. He's usually not a big fan. This was shortly before the 5-0 told us we couldn't have a fire on the beach!

We made smores, but our roasting sticks were a little short. At one point, Marissa asked me for a roaster and I thought she said coaster. I was thinking, I don't think were too worried about water rings on the sand!
We went to the Horny Toad in the Ozarks so the Stray Dog in Michigan City seemed fitting.

Some people got a little too much sun!

You can't see Holly's yellow shorts that match her sunglasses!

Ben has reflectors on his head

What sticks out in the picture? Oh yes, that would be me! I was the only smart one that wore sunscreen! :-)

Andy actually had to take two days off work from the sunburn he got. Maybe when your armpits haven't seen the light of day in years, it would be smart to put sunscreen on them!

We went to the beach to watch fireworks. Apparently a kid had drown shortly before the fireworks so the coast guard was trying to find them, but don't ask the cop about it. He knows nothing and honestly could have cared less!
Last picture of the trip! What you can't see is the big boot of an ankle wrap that Holly is wearing. Tim and I liked to refer to it as the goo wrap because it was supposed to stay cold, but it was a gel goo mess!

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Anonymous said...

Tara, It's so good to have you back. I keep wanting to call you, but I know how international travel can be. It's fun to see all your MI city pictures! looks like you all had a good time...who doesn't with Tara around? Love ya and hope to see you soon...Thanks too for taking my bread pudding out of the oven the other night. - Heidi