Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finally Home!!!!!

So I left Springfield, MO yesterday at 6pm and got home after midnight last night. Long week, but I'm finally home through at least Monday. Woo hoo! I have like five days home in a row! I haven't done that for over two months now, so it will be a nice break!

Have to run a ton of errands since I haven't been home for over a week and a half. Need to go get the drivers license updated! :-) Don't want to be traveling with an expired one any longer!

I honestly don't quite know what to do with myself since I'm used to being with reps nonstop in a car. The catch up time will be nice!

1 comment:

Haley ~ nickname: Sparkles said...

Enjoy the catch up time Tara. Those five days will go fast! :)