Sunday, October 14, 2007

Note to Self

Never travel with an expired license!!!! I don't know if you can see on my license, but it expired on my birthday, the 7th. I've been traveling since my birthday and didn't even think about it until I arrived at the airport today. Apparently an expired license makes them suspect you like they would a terrorist and you get padded down at every turn and a special selectee stamp on your ticket. Can't wait to fly home on Wednesday! :-)
So I arrived in Cleveland around 10:30pm Eastern time and the third shift shuttle driver for the hotel decided not to show, so I had to take a cab. The cab driver was mad that I was going such a short distance so he drove like a maniac the entire way to the hotel to the point I was hanging on for dear life around turns and didn't even bother to help me get my bags out of the car. You would think he'd just be happy for the business but apparently not. I've experienced the same rude behavior at O'hare when I park about two minutes from the airport. Apparently the $13 the cab driver made tonight in his less than 10 minutes of work was not satisfactory! :-)
I got my keys for the room and headed up to the 2nd floor. I drag my suitcase and laptop bad all the way to the end of the hall just to find out that neither one of my keys work. I come back downstairs to take the front desk guy away from his cartoons and web surfing to have him re-program my keys! Then I go to turn on the tv and the remote won't work, so I'm totally doing old school style having to change the channels at the tv and turn up and down the volume. I can tell already it's going to be a great travel week! :-)


Pam said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh Tara, I don't envy your life on the road. It makes me thankful for my quiet, country home and my familiar bed and pillow at night! I pray for you that God will protect you and keep you in His care as you travel alone from city to city. I love you, Aunt Pam