Thursday, October 11, 2007

My New Home!

So this is about my fourth week on the road and I am worn out!!! :-) I come home, take out old clothes, pack new clothes and I'm back out there again. Hopefully it will slow down just a little in about a week, but for now it's going to be nuts!

I had to laugh though tonight because I went to Maggianos to pick up carry out for dinner. I order Rigatoni D, garlic bread, and two bottles of water. So she hands me my food and I walk out thinking nothing of it.

I get back to the hotel and I have an ENTIRE loaf of bread and a side of marinara sauce large enough to feed a family! I thought how much did this lady think I was going to eat?!

Then I pull out my Rigatoni D and there is no fork or napkins. So I'm trying to figure out how to eat my pasta. My mom suggested using my hair pick(after washing it of course), but the idea of that seemed crazy so I ate with my fingers. For the napkins I went scrounging through the coffee maker stuff and found two packages that each had a napkin in them. I was very pleased with myself to have found that. So no worries I can eat with my fingers.

Now I get thirsty. Maggianos apparently thinks they need to be all fancy and gives me two fancy glass bottles of water. I should have told them that two bottles of Ice Mountain would have sufficed but maybe it's part of the experience which so far isn't that great seeing that I'm eating pasta with my fingers! :-)

So anyway, I grab the bottle and try to twist off the cap, however it's not a twist off cap! Now why would you have bottles of water for carry out that require a bottle opener to get into. I don't know about you, but what in the world in a hotel room can you use to open a bottle cap?! So I got creative and got out my eyebrow plucker. My eyebrow plucker is busted but I got my bottles of water open! :-)


Marla said...

I bet you are tired of seeing hotel rooms!!! Maggianos has such yummy food! That's halarious about the prtions and water!:) It stinks that you had no fork though! :( I mean, what were they thinking? "Let's impress her with the water and forget to give something to actually eat her food with!"LOL

Mandy said...

hilarious...i totally had to eat chocolate cake w/ my fingers a few weeks ago at my hotel b/c i didn't have any utensils either! chocolate cake was slightly fun to eat w/o a fork though...kinda made me feel like a baby eating his or her first birthday cake.