Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Record!

So I realized yesterday that I made a new record for myself. I managed to be in four cities in one day! I started out in Cleveland, OH then flew into Detroit, MI to catch a connecting flight to Bloomington. When I got into Bloomington I hopped in a rental car and drove to St.Louis, MO because it was halfway to Springfield where I'm at for the next two days. I just realized as I'm typing this that not only was it four cities in one day but four states in one day! Gotta love life on the road! :-)


hubergal said...

Wow, Tara! Your life sounds exhausting! I am glad for your blog, because it allows me to stay in touch with your life. I love you, honey, and although we don't talk often, I care very much about your and how you are doing. I wish you God's nearness and wisdom as you advance into this new phase of your career. Hugs, A. Cindy

tami said...

honestly, tara...i'm tired just reading your blog. but, while you're young. oh my, you'd think i was 90 by the way i'm talking. :) just make sure you always come home to bloomington and remember that you have a cousin who wants to hang out with you. :)