Tuesday, October 2, 2007

On the Road Again

So I'm getting a chuckle out of myself this morning because I'm surrounded by gadgets in my car this morning. I left for St. Louis this morning to travel with one of my reps and will be down here till Thursday.

I brought my laptop so I could obviously work while I'm on the road and then I have to have my air card so I can access the internet while I'm in the car. To be able to have power for my laptop in the car, I have to have an AC adapter. Then I have my cell phone/blackberry. I haven't quite figured it out yet because now my work e-mail comes to my blackberry and on my computer. Half the time I can't figure out where it goes so I'm checking it both places.

In addtion to all that stuff, I got an Ipod for my birthday from my parents so I brought that with me so I could program songs on it. Because I had too much music on my laptop bogging it down, I bought an external hard drive to transfer the music over to.

All this in the car with me! Ok, so it's not funny now that I type it out but I looked ridiculous yesterday driving down here with cords hanging all over me and gadgets setting all over my car! :-)

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