Monday, August 4, 2008

24, I'm getting hooked!

So Holli spent the weekend at our place. It was one of my first weekend's free this summer. It was a lazy weekend of laying by the pool, shopping, manicures and pedicures, dinner and season four of 24. I'm totally hooked!
Hols thought it was too cold to sit inside, so we sat outside and then had a table by the fire!
Holly wanted a new profile picture for Facebook. After five attempts this is what we ended up with!

So I got this belt in England. I wanted to wear it. I was supposed to be ready early but got sucked into Facebook chat and wasn't ready when Holly got to my house at 7pm. It took another hour to pick out an outfit to go with this belt, because nothing seemed to look right. This is what I ended up with but not before 9pm. By that time we were starved and we at least had to get a picture of the stupid outfit that wasted our whole evening! We ate and then came home.....

and watched 24! We were trying to acommplish two things! Showing that we were both wearing Fuel attire and that we were watching 24. This picture we accomplish of the one the two.

Why do I make this face?! Still no Fuel logo for Holly

Everything but the 24 BOX!

Yeah, we accomplished it all and now were hysterically laughing! If you haven't watched it, you should start. Intense show! Just don't watch late at night. I'm pretty sure I was out cold 5 minutes after this picture was taken!


Anonymous said...

Tara, good choice on the belt...your whole outfit is very cute and classy. Call me when you want your next driving lesson. - Heidi

tamika paige said... know I'm a fan of 24! i had to take a fast from it 'cause it was consuming my life. :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! We're on Season 6...can't stop. Really. It's SO addicting. It's like 1am and we'll say, "Just one more?!?" It only gets better!!!

Glad you commented on my blog- I've wanted your address to add to mine again. Now I gotta go catch up on yours!