Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Baby Calves 8-17-07

Keith has raised cows since he was in grade school and he has always told me about when they're first born that they are really tame for the first couple days and you can actually pet them and they will suck on your finger. So he took me out to the farm a couple weeks ago and I go to see 4 of his brother's baby calves. They were really cute, but what was cuter was his nephew Eli who thinks Keith is the greatest and just lights up around him. He toddled around with us and helped Keith feed the cows. It was really cute!

Here is Eli trying to climb through the fence to get to Keith.

He knows how to say cows and tractor and he equates both of those with Keith!

This one walked right up to Keith.

This is the calf that I actually got to pet. It didn't suck on my finger because it got scared when I got up to it, but I at least got to pet it!

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